13 February, 2018

28mm Minions

An assortment of fourteen 28mm Minions by Crooked Dice.  They can fill a wide variety of roles in games such as henchmen of an evil mastermind, security guards, crew of a space station/undersea base/oil rig, etc.  They mix well size-wise with the Copplestone guards in orange uniforms that I posted back in 2013.  I was not thrilled how the orange uniforms turned out on the Copplestone guards, so after some experimentation I decided to go with blue uniforms.  I started with Coat d'Arms High Elf Blue, added a coat of Army Painter Blue Tone ink, then highlighted in the original color.  I like how they turned out.  Painted in 2017.

The commander and an administrator/accountant/non-combatant.  With some modification, the commander could be used for Colonel Tigh from Battlestar Galactica.
Four armed with rifles:

Four armed with submachineguns:

A grenadier, a mechanic and a minion with flamethrower:

Dog handler and dog:

CD also makes them unarmed, armed with batons and different heavy weapons.  They come with separate heads, plus they sell many varieties of heads separately so there is a lot of room for customization.  Great miniatures to have in a modern collection.

Thanks for looking!


05 February, 2018

28mm Criminals

With the first warm sunny day in a while I seized the opportunity to take some pictures.  The first group were a set of 28mm criminals in balaclavas.  These are six masked men intent on mayhem, or just a bit of petty larceny.  They are made by Crooked Dice, the source of many of my miniatures.  They are useful for many scenarios in a modern setting and were very quick to paint with just enough detail.  I painted these in 2017 and they first saw action in a game I ran at Historicon last summer.

The leader armed with a pistol.  The bag full of cash (or, for Die Hard fans, bearer bonds) is a nice touch.


A dog handler and four guard dogs.  The dogs are available separately or with a handler and are nice models.  I  have a minion dog handler that will be in my next post.  CD also make army and cultist versions.  I  have several larger dogs from Iron Wind/Ral Partha that are unpainted.

The whole gang returning to their base after a successful heist.

Thanks for looking!

01 January, 2018

2018 Begins with Hasslefree

Since resuming painting, I have been making good progress.  I've finished 19 miniatures since my post 3.5 weeks ago; the ones I started then plus some that were partially painted.  I haven't been able to seal them yet as it is too cold outside for spraying them with varnish.

After Christmas I started a new batch of recently arrived miniatures that are detailed below.  Normally I don't paint things that I just bought, instead choosing things out of my stockpile for a particular project.  But that is what I am currently motivated to do, so I am going with it.

I made an order with Hasslefree in late November during their sale.  A few days later, I received an email to let me know my order would be slightly delayed due to an inventory error.  When the package arrived in December, I discovered they were kind enough to include a free miniature in my order.  Even better it was one I had considered getting.  Great customer service as usual, plus two pieces of candy.

Top row l-r:
1. Karl Drax: A miniature based on the character Ronon Dex from Stargate Atlantis, a tv show I watched during its 5-season run starting in 2004.  Played by Jason Momoa, now more famous as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones and Aquaman in Justice League.  I choose to ignore the awful Conan movie he starred in.  I'll use him as a hero or alien mercenary.
2. Dynamic Jynx: I'll use her as a 7TV character with psionic or other superhuman powers.  The big question is what color to paint the ball of energy in her hands?
3. Finn: P-A survivor
4. Kendra: P-A survivor
5. Destiny: 7TV heroine with a 70s vibe.

Bottom row l-r:
1. Winter Morgan:7TV spy
2. Rihanna: P-A survivor who appears to be based on Rosita from the Walking Dead.
3. Post-Apoc Wolsey: P-A version of Shaggy from Scooby Doo.  There is actually a "Scooby Apocalypse" comic that started in 2016.  Not sure whether this mini pre-dates that.  Hasslefree make the rest of the gang as well, I may get them in future.
4. Elite Sadie:  Not fully assembled yet.  I've had a terrible time trying to attach the arms.  One piece has the right arm, a weapon and the left hand.  The left arm is small and difficult to match up at the shoulder and wrist simultaneously.  I wanted to use the shotgun but am ready to give up and try the other gun or sword to see if I can salvage her.
5. Maria: P-A survivor and FREE!

Since I took this picture, they have been based, brush-primed (too cold for spraying), and the bases, weapons, shoes. belts and hair painted.  Also underway but not pictured are a Guru (evil mastermind) from Crooked Dice and another mini from Black Cat for a total of 11 (twelve if I can get Sadie's arms to attach) .

Also arriving in December as part of my post-Thanksgiving orders was a Secret Base from Crooked Dice.  This is a MDF set that builds a 60cmx60cm aka 2'x2' secret lair,underground bunker, etc.  I plan on using it for games I run in 2018.  Construction has started tonight. 

Will turn into this:

The last bit of news is the most exciting.  My upcoming local convention, Siege of Augusta, is in 2 weeks.  This year will be different since my 11-year-old daughter told me months ago that she wants to attend.  I plan on playing in whatever games she is interested in trying.

17 December, 2017

28mm Terrain - Tires, Objectives & Sandbags

I am always on the lookout for more 28mm terrain for my games to use as cover, objectives or for scenic purposes.  I bought these pieces at Historicon 2017.  They are all by Acheson Creations, who have a variety of well-priced resin terrain and buildings for many different eras.  For example, all of my dark age buildings (April 2016 post) are by Acheson.  I picked these out of a box with lots of small pieces; they were only $1 each.

I washed them in the dishwasher to remove the mold residue, then primed them with Wal-Mart spray paint, black for the tires, white for the others.  I gave them a quick wash of black or white to cover any areas that the spray didn't fully cover.  They painted up very quickly.  The tire stacks got a dark gray drybrush.  The sandbags were painted with Howard Hues Colonial Khaki, then a drybrush of Howard Hues WWI Russian Uniform.  The weapons got various shades of gray, khaki and olive.  All sealed with 2 coats of Testors Dullcote.

 A 28mm miniature from my last post is included for scale.

Three identical stacks of tires.  Useful as cover from enemies or zombie hordes.

A small fortified position, sandbags backed by a wooden frame.  Perhaps a checkpoint outside a camp of surviviors.

The weapons caches will be used as objective markers in my Post-Apoc games.

Thanks for looking!

07 December, 2017

28mm Post-Apocalypse Mercenaries

Most of my 28mm post-apocalypse miniatures are organized as factions.  I have collected a few miscellaneous figures that can be used in games as mercenaries, NPCs, etc.  My favorite P-A game system, Across the Dead Earth, allows factions to hire mercenaries for use in games.  It can be found at https://www.deadearth.co.uk/

(l-r) Ayesha & Nisha, both from Dead Earth Games.  They are a deadly pair of sisters wandering post-apocalypse Britain.  They have some nice details and were fun to paint.

(l-r) Crimson, another mercenary from Dear Earth Games.  She was offered as a Kickstarter reward during the original game launch back in 2014.  I like the leather jacket.  The fellow on the right is from Project Zeke Miniatures, a British company that had a small line of P-A miniatures and scenery.  They were the source of my wrecked cars (2015 post).  Unfortunately they stopped trading in 2016.  These 2 were painted in 2015.

These 2 are also from Project Zeke Miniatures.  The one on the right was listed in their catalog as Eddie and has a biker look to him; I painted it in 2015.  The one on the left looks very similar and was listed as Young Eddie, presumably a younger version or relative.  I bought it from Grekwood Miniatures in 2016 and painted it in September 2017. 

Thanks for looking!

Fall Doldrums & A Return to Painting

So after a lot of painting in September I came to a sudden halt.  I had no desire or energy for any hobby activities for almost 2 months.  In the middle of November I started trying to get myself going again.  I checked out some history books from the local library and read a few gaming magazines.  As Thanksgiving approached, I started looking at the sales offered by different companies.  Over the next few days I ended up ordering 2 4-point SAGA armies from Footsore (Irish & Romano-British), a MDF secret base and a couple miniatures from Crooked Dice, 9 miniatures from Hasslefree, and some stuff from Litko.

Litko won the postal race, arriving in 2 days.  Below are the contents of my package: a magnetic sheet I use in my storage boxes, some steel base bottoms and 4 bottles of Army Painter paint.

Afterwards I finished placing my orders, I got out a few figures and cleaned , assembled, based and primed them.  From the left are a mad scientist in a wheelchair (Black Cat), 2 Failed Experiments (Crooked Dice), a large Zombie/Mutant (Warlord), 2 modern adventurers and a martial artist (Hasslefree). 

Since this photo, I have painted the bases and started on the metal, hair and skin.  I hope I am back on track.  I am interested in hearing how you beat the wargaming doldrums.

01 October, 2017

28mm Vikings

Today's post features my 28mm Vikings.  I painted them for use with the SAGA rules.  In addition to the Vikings, I have Anglo-Danes, Normans, Scots (my favorite) and Crusaders.  Only the Anglo-Danes have been posted to this blog, along with some buildings.  I intend to document the others over the next few months.

Sadly I no longer have any local opponents, so I only play at conventions.  It is one of my favorite games over the last 5 years, I painted my first army (Scots) in late 2012.  There was a recent announcement that a 2nd edition will be released in 2018, I am interested to see what changes will be made.

I have 7 points of Vikings, games are usually played with 6 points so having an extra unit gives some flexibility.  My army consists of:
1 Warlord (free)
3 units of  4 Hirdmen (3 points of Hearthguard)
1 unit of 4 Berserkers (1 point of Berserkers)
2 units of 8 Lesser Hirdmen (2 points of Warriors)
1 unit of 12 Thralls (1 point of Levies with bow)

Most of the miniatures are from Wargames Foundry.  There are 1-2 Hirdmen by Crusader and one Old Glory model in the Lesser Hird.  The bowmen are Old Glory except for 2 which are from Foundry.  I use the same 12 bowmen in my Saga Anglo-Danes.

The shields are mostly Little Big Men Studios transfers with a few hand-painted ones.  You can spot those by looking for the simpler ones.

I chose this model to be the warlord in large part due to the helmet.  He just looks like a leader.  I have chosen to base my Vikings in Orkney, there were several renowned Jarls that ruled there such as Sigurd the Stout (980-1014 AD) and Thorfinn the Mighty (1014-1065 AD).  It doesn't make any difference in game terms but does make it more interesting for me.

The 1st unit of 4 Hirdmen.  The one on the right is by Crusader (available from North Star).

The 2nd unit of 4 Hirdmen .

Just to break up the Hirdmen, here are 4 Berserkers.  These Foundry models have a lot of character.

The 3rd unit of 4 Hirdmen.

The 1st unit of 8 Lesser Hirdmen.  This group has one of my favorite models.  The center axeman with the wolf pelt and large belly immediately made me imagine a retired berserker who tells his companions stories around the campfire about how in his day the loot was better and the battles more blood-soaked.  The one in the back row wearing leather armor is by Old Glory, the rest are Foundry.

The 2nd unit of 8 Lesser Hirdmen.

12 Thralls armed with bows.  The 2 wearing mail are from Foundry, the other 10 are by Old Glory.

Shieldwall!  Jarl Thorfinn takes his rightful place at the center of the line.

As a side note, I have another Viking army for sale  (7 points, same units) that I painted alongside this one.  I separated them out during painting so there were no duplicate models.  I will dig them out and take some pictures soon, it has never been used and is yearning for battle.  Drop me a line if you are interested.

Thanks for looking,