26 April, 2009

Late Imperial Romans - West

This DBA Late Imperial Roman (West) DBA II/78a army depicts the forces of Julian (aka Flavius Claudius Iulianus) at the battle of Strasbourg in 357 vs. the Alamanii. I worked in France one summer and was in Alsace near the battle-site. At this time Julian was Caesar of the West; he did not become Roman Emperor until 361. Also known as Julian the Apostate, he was the last pagan emperor of Rome. I was inspired to paint this army after reading the historical novel "Gods and Legions" by Michael Curtis Ford, which covers the life of Julian. The primary source used to identify the units present was Ammianus Marcellinus; a number of secondary sources were also consulted. Shield patterns are taken from the Notitia Dignatum. Most or all of these units would have followed Julian to the East for his campaign against the Sassanids in 363, so with the addition of another 4Kn element it could be used as a LIR East army as well. Figures are 15mm Old Glory. It was painted in 2007. All shields are hand-painted.
On the left are the Scola scutariorum secunda (1x3Cv); on the right are Julian and the Scola gentilium seniorum (1x3Cv General).

A close-up of Julian and the Scola gentilium seniorum.

The Equites catafractarii (1x4Kn)

The Legiones Palatina: (l-r) Pannoniciani seniores, Primani, Moesiaci seniores (3x4Bd).
The Auxilia Palatina: (l-r) Batavi seniores,Cornuti seniores, Brachiati seniores (3x4Ax).

The Equites primo sagitarii on the left and the Equites Dalmatae Passerentiaci on the right (2x2Lh).

Skirmishers: the Fortenses on the left and the Celtae seniores on the right (2x2Ps).

Balistarii (1xArt)

The Roman camp. I modeled it as a Roman watchtower on the Rhine frontier to go with the army theme of Julian's campaign of 357 in Gaul which culminated in the battle of Strasbourg.


  1. Nicely done, Jason! I like them a lot. Nice of you to "look after" me. :-)


    See you on Fanaticus.