17 November, 2011

28mm Buildings

This post has pictures of two 28mm resin buildings I painted in late October/early November for my Doctor Who Project.  Both buildings are made by Ainsty.  I ordered from them for the first time last summer and they were great to deal with and shipped quickly from the UK to the US.  I washed both buildings with warm soapy water and primed them with Krylon Fusion Black spray, followed by a thin coat of acrylic black to cover any areas that the spray missed.

The first building is a ruined cottage.  It is being defended by a group of UNIT soldiers from a Cyberman who is just appearing around the corner.

The chimney is painted in several layers of Americana Heritage Brick.  The wood beams are  painted with a series of drybrushes: Vallejo Medium Camo Brown, then Howard Hues Colonial Khaki, then a light Ral Partha/Iron Wind Grey.  The walls are Privateer Gun Corps Brown and the exposed inner wall bits have a drybrush of Ceramcoat Oyster White over the brown.  The stone floor is painted with Ceramcoat Charcoal Grey, Ceramcoat Storm Grey and finally Ral Partha/Iron Wind Grey.  I finished the model with a black wash and 2 coats of Krylon Matte Finish spray.

The second building is a Security Checkpoint.  I am going to paint something on the sign but I haven't decided what yet.  Two guards from Wolverine Security are manning the post.  The majority of the building is painted with GW Fortress Grey; the blue sections are Vallejo Oxford Blue, which is also the base color for the guards' uniforms.  The roof is removable which comes in handy during games.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Very nice. I really like the security hut! Might have to take a look at getting one of those myself

  2. May I suggest some shallow pins for the roof? You don't want it to slide off and chip.