07 March, 2012

2012 Project #1 Completed

It took me 6 days after posting my 2012 project list to complete my first project.  I finished the 32 Axumite infantry March 2nd; the 4 mounted & 1 elephant were completed on March 7th.

I wanted to work on my Doctor Who project so I de-flashed 9 miniatures (6 guards and 3 other gunmen, all Copplestone) on Friday, then had to wait until Tuesday afternoon to prime them due to heavy rain and high winds.  I also added a new project to my 2012 list: a 15mm Romano-British army.  My friend Mike and I bought a bunch of Splintered Light Miniatures years ago and split them in half.  They've been patiently waiting for attention ever since.  I picked out 16 armored spearmen, superglued their shields on, and primed them along with the DW miniatures.  So far I've painted the metal areas on the Brits and the base coat of black on the guns/boots for the 28mm.


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