11 October, 2016

Recent Purchase from Black Cat Bases

I received a box from Black Cat Bases recently.  This is the first time I've ordered from them, though I've looked at their website several times.  The recent fall in the British Pound - US Dollar exchange rate has motivated me to make several purchases the last few months; Black Cat also had a sale at the time I ordered.  The package arrived quickly and the contents were packed well.

So what did I get?  Stuff for games of 7TV or Doctor Who, all 28mm scale.  Two large trucks (top left) and one small truck, all made of resin with separate wheels.  These are nice castings with no bubbles and just a few spots needing cleanup with a hobby knife. They'll be useful in my post-apoc games as well.  The large trucks have a good-sized bed for placing cargo.

The 8 miniatures are (l-r): 3 black panthers; a sniper; a priest with crucifix and pistol; a man (H.P. Lovecraft in the product listing) with large book in one hand and a choice of pistol, shotgun, flashlight or open book for the other hand; a mad scientist in wheelchair holding a cat/lizard hybrid; and a butler.  All are clean casts with good detail and minimal flash.

I am very pleased with the service and products from Black Cat and look forward to painting them soon.

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  1. Nice loot haul! Can't blame you take advantage while you can! I wish it was the same for us overhere!