09 September, 2017

Various Purchases

Since I neglected to post anything for the first 7 months of the year, some wargaming things I bought slipped by, so I thought I'd make a quick catchup post covering purchases from Crooked Dice, Black Tree Designs, Brother Vinni & Warlord.

A bunch of stuff from Crooked Dice.  Upper left are 2 minions, one throwing a grenade and one dog handler with dog.  Lower left are a set of 6 Criminals.  Upper right are assorted villains (l-r): Sinister Mystic, Jack-Booted sadist, Double Agent and Inhuman Servitor.  Bottom tight are 3 soldiers: Corporal, explosives expert and marksman.

CD also carries resin vehicles and terrain.  Below are 2 Landrovers and assorted ammo crates and cargo boxes.  In this picture the Landrovers have been primed gray.

I also picked up a CD Giant Ape.  It is an imposing model, shown below with a Landrover and Black Tree 25mm model for scale.  The right arm and face are separate pieces.  This is currently on my painting table waiting for attention.

The facial features are terrific!

Three of Black Tree Design's old Doctor Who range (l-r): 1st Doctor, 7th Doctor with Dalek Jammer & Ace.

After buying the This is Not a Test post-apocalypse rules last year, I noticed several mentions of players using miniatures from a company I had not heard of by the name of Brother Vinni :
They had a sale late in 2016 and I ordered a variety of models, all cast in resin.  I have bought vehicles and large creatures in resin before, but never regular 28mm figures so I was interested in trying them out.  The package arrived quickly from Bratislava, Slovakia.  They all required assembly, mainly attaching the arms, though most of them had well fitting joints and required little to no pinning.  The detail is fantastic, especially the faces.  

A set of 3 Post-Apoc Citizens.  The mutants and raiders need someone to attack, don't they?

 A Tech-Wizard.  I will use him in my TNT Preservers.

Postapoc Ogre armed with a large hammer.  To be used as a large mutant.

5 Vikings for use in SAGA: 4 shieldmaidens and Ragnar (from the Vikings tv show) in the top right.  these are the only ones I have painted to date and I am very pleased with the results.  I haven't been in the mood to paint any of my post-apocalypse stuff for a while but may get back to it later in 2017.

A set of 5 Female Troopers.  More defenders for the local settlement.

A tricycle bot which I have not put together yet. If I can ever get all the parts glued together I am sure it will look great.

Warlord has e-mailed me several $15 off coupons in the last year, though I didn't use any of them.  The most recent one in June coincided with a sale of 50% off individual plastic sprues, so I took advantage of it and ordered a few at $5-6 each.  They are the old Wargames Factory line that Warlord bought and now sell for their Project Z game.  I don't play that game, but they will come in handy to add a few models to my forces and to convert weapons.

A sprue of 10 Male Apocalypse Survivors on the left, a sprue of 10 Female Survivors on the right, and assorted weapons on the top.

Eleven Male Zombies on the left and 11 Female Zombies on the right.  These are actually the only zombies I own.  The large Zombie Beast at the top will be used for a mutant.

The 2 Biker Gang sprues Warlord sells.  I have wanted a biker faction for Across the Dead Earth for some time, so these will fill that role.  The one on the left has a motorcycle and 2 riders; the one on the right has 6 bikers and 2 motorcycles.  I have read that these were designed by Wargames Factory but never released.

Thanks for looking!

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