29 April, 2018

Every Villain Wants to Rule the World

I am of the opinion that you can never have enough villains.  I have collected a variety of them for my 28mm 'spy-fi' games using the 7TV rules.  Evil masterminds, secret agents, mad scientists, henchmen, mercenaries, aliens, I have them all.  The names below are from the manufacturer's catalog unless otherwise noted.

The model on the left is sold by Crooked Dice as Jack Booted Sadist.  I think it is a dead ringer for the James Bond villain Xenia Onatopp played by Famke Janssen in Goldeneye (1995).  My favorite of the Pierce Brosnan Bond movies.

The model on the right is a Heresy miniature originally sold as the Jon Simm version of The Master in new-era Doctor Who, now sold as Edward Arterton, Supervillain.  He comes with an alternate right hand holding a pistol.

Lancelot Cray, secretive CEO of the international corporation United Radionics (left) and his bodyguard and fixer Lionel (right).  The perfect model for a conniving industrialist in an expensive suit.  Both by Crooked Dice.

Two villains who can be used in a wide variety of roles, sold by Beast in the Broch as FedSec Commander (left) and FedSec Supreme Commander (right).  The robotic hand and eye on the model to the left cast him as an alien or evil cyborg.

Kali (left) and Bolo (right), two specialists in hand-to-hand combat.  Kali has a sword in her right hand that is hard to see at this angle.  Bolo is wearing very sharp claws on his hands in case his feet don't finish the job.  If only someone made a model of Patrick Swayze from 'Roadhouse' to fight Bolo!

Two ninjas from Crooked Dice, sold as Daughters of SHIVA (Secret Headquarters of International Villainous Agents).  I was surprised at how stable the one on the left is given the pose.

"Hey, what are we doing in this post?  We're not villains, just scientists crossing ethical and legal boundaries in pursuit of forbidden knowledge."  Three scientists from Crooked Dice.

The deadly mercenary Kohner (left), from Crooked Dice and an Afghan from Artizan's 2nd Afghan War range.  

These two models should look familiar to any Roger Moore-era James Bond fans.  Jaws (left, The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker) and Nick Nack (right, The Man with the Golden Gun).  I think these are very accurate representations of the characters by Crooked Dice.

A regular 28mm model in the middle to show the scale.  I think Jaws is about to crush his head with his bare hands.

Two miniatures from Black Cat.  On the right is a mad scientist with a penchant for hideous experiments.  He has a half-lizard, half-cat in his lap. He doesn't have an official name yet, but I think Devious Doctor Finn has a nice ring to it.  His butler is on the left.  I think he is required to go by Jeeves.
 Never trust a mad scientist's butler, he may be holding a pistol behind his back.

Two of the mad doctor's test subjects.  These are great models, sold as Failed Experiments by Crooked Dice.  The heads and non-human arms are separate; there is also an ape-like head and a mechanical claw arm that I haven't used yet.  Was the one on the left transformed in a horrible accident or did he anger the doctor once too often?

Thanks for looking!



  1. Fantastic work dude. I am trying to picture what Patrick wore in roadhouse. Some of the East Riding Golgo Island characters done by Kev White so also sold at Hasslefree could maybe work.

  2. Love them, Jason! I especially like the Devious Doctor Finn name...ha, ha!