04 June, 2010


This army covers the Syro-Canaanite or Ugaritic DBA army lists (I/20 a and b), which last from 1595 to 1100 BC.  It is the second of the three biblical armies I painted at roughly the same time in 2004 or 2005 (the New Kingdom Egyptians and Hittites are the others).  One of the advantages of these 3 armies is that they are all enemies and/or allies of each other, so there are multiple historical matchups available to play.

The majority of the figures in the army are Old Glory, from a DBA army pack purchased from Rudy at Time Portal Hobbies.  There are a few additions, which I'll point out in the pictures as they appear.

As usual, click on the pictures for a closer view.

The first picture is of the whole army: skirmishers in front, followed by chariots, then the infantry behind.

Here are two 4-horse chariots (2xHCh).  I use the one on the left as the general for the Ugaritic list.

These are the heavy infantry of the army (1x3Bd and 1x4Bd).  I really like the curved sickle-like weapons they carry.  These are Essex figures from their biblical Syrian range.

This is the mass of the infantry (4x3Ax).  One thing I like about the army packs that Time Portal Hobbies sells is that Rudy always includes some 'command' figures.  In this case, the left front element has a trumpeter and the right front one has a standardbearer.  They add a lot of character to the army.

Next are the missile troops.  There are 2 elements of skirmishing archers, 1 of formed archers, and 1 of slingers (3x2Ps, 1x4Bw).  The formed archers are from Falcon UK.

Last are the rest of the chariots.  The center and right chariots are Old Glory.  The left chariot is by Falcon UK and is from their biblical Syrian line.  The crew in that one are my favorite.  I often use 1 of these chariots in the Hittite army as Syrian subjects or allies.

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  1. Nice stuff here, inspiring! You have quite the collection of armies for this period.