09 October, 2014

28mm Industrial Wreckage

As I mentioned in my Historicon report, I bought 2 pieces of post-apocalyptic industrial wreckage in the flea market.  I plan on using them for the forthcoming game Across the Dead Earth.

I wanted to touch them up a bit for two reasons: all the ground was painted the same rust color as the wreckage and I wanted them to match my basing scheme.

I started by adding some modeling paste to a couple of bare areas, then added some small ballast on top of it.  I also added a few pieces of medium ballast for larger pieces of rubble.  I painted the ground areas with Vallejo Flat Earth.  I then drybrushed a mix of Flat Earth and White.  I painted the areas I wanted to be rubble with Ceramcoat Charcoal Grey, then drybrushed Ceramcoat Hippo Grey and Vallejo Stonewall Grey in succession.  I glued on patches of static grass and a few tufts, then sealed it with 2 coats of matte spray.

Before and after pictures; click to enlarge.

Thanks for looking!


  1. The changes you made really pop! Very nice touch-oups

  2. Looks great! More to the point, where are you finding post-apoc wargames terrain at a flea market?!

  3. It was a gaming convention flea market, it happened to catch my eye as I was walking by.

  4. That's very nice, great job and beautiful colors!