15 March, 2015

Across the Dead Earth: Adam's Family

I have once again been neglecting my blog.  In an attempt to catch up, I took advantage of a sunny Sunday afternoon and took pictures of 3 factions for the new post-apocalyptic skirmish game Across the Dead Earth.  All the pictures were taken with my iPad in natural sunlight in my backyard, so there are some shadows but I don't think they obstruct the view.  The background in all the pictures are some stone ruin pieces I had handy.  I used a different painting style than my normal technique, partly to experiment and partly because of how they are sculpted.  I painted them in late 2014.

Across the Dead Earth started life as a Kickstarter in 2014.  Set in the UK several generations after the last war, the rules and 28mm miniatures for the first 3 factions, or gangs, were released on time in late 2014.  Since then, miniatures for 2 more factions have been released, along with some background fiction and an expansion PDF, so they are keeping a good pace.  The rulebook includes profiles for 4 factions, 6 mercenaries and rules to create your own.  There is also a lively Facebook group for the rules.  

The first faction is Adam's Family.  They are the proverbial good guys, and include 5 miniatures.  I have also included a 6th that is officially a mercenary but fits well with them.  After each name I have listed the class of the character.  There are 7 classes in the rules, plus 1 for dogs.  You can click on the pictures for a closer view.

Adam (the leader) & Drexyl (sharpshooter):

Skylar (scout) & Reggie (assault):

Ezra (medic) & Crimson (sharpshooter): Crimson was a Kickstarter exclusive miniature and is technically not a member of the Family but rather a mercenary.

Adam's Family group shot: There appears to be a giant mutated chicken in the background.  Just one of the terrors roaming the Dead Earth!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Lovely job Jason! Looking forward to seeing the other gangs :)

  2. Looks great ! is that a giant chicken in the background? :)
    -Chris P.

    1. Princess (named by my daughter) prefers to be referred to as a mutant chicken. Now what should her game stats be?

  3. Ha, ha, Jason -- that is great one of your hens photo bombed your pictures! You should do a post explaining the rules mechanics. I am sure Lilly would gladly push some lead for you to capture how movement and shooting are done!

    1. You can see the tail of a different chicken in the upper-right-corner of the second Skylar & Reggie picture.

  4. Nice Jason. I fear that chicken wouldn't be long for this world during the apocalypse. Yum!