18 March, 2015

Across the Dead Earth: The State

The second faction I painted for Across the Dead Earth was The State.  They represent the remnants of the UK government that are attempting to re-assert their control and have a totalitarian bent.  I used a limited color scheme for them, blue, grey, green and khaki, to give them a more unified, semi-military look.  The names and classes (listed after each name) are from the AtDE background, though you are free to use them otherwise or to use other companies' miniatures for the game.  I used a different painting style than my usual one, partly to experiment and partly because of how they are sculpted.  I painted them in late 2014 and I think they turned out well.  

All the pictures were taken with my iPad in natural sunlight in my backyard, so there are some shadows but I don't think they obstruct the view.  The background in all the pictures are some stone ruin pieces I had handy.  You can click on the pictures for a closer view.

Captain Jester (leader):

 Yoshi (assault) & Skelch (sharpshooter) Skelch is violating uniform regulations with his red bandanna:

 SIWOC (scout) & Squint (medic):

The full squad, ready to enforce the writ of The State across Britain: 

Thanks for looking!


  1. Looks great. Now to roll some dice FOR THE STATE!

  2. Awesome, Jason! Tell us more about the different techniques you used...