31 December, 2016

Pre-Islamic Arabs

I painted this Pre-Islamic Arab DBA army in the early 2000s.  I chose them because they can be an opponent for several of my armies including Seleucid, Abyssinian, Early Imperial Roman, Palmyran, & Arab Conquest.  In the current version of DBA 3, they are classified as list II/23a, Later Pre-Islamic Arab (Nomad version).

The miniatures are 15mm Essex.  They do not have a lot of visual appeal as they are almost entirely in white tunics/loincloths.  They were not much of a challenge to paint, but they did go quickly.

Seven elements of infantry armed with sword and spear (Bd).  I varied the poses on each stand, as there are a good number of pose variants, though you may not be able to tell as they are all dressed alike.

Two elements of Light Horse.  The one on the right serves as the General (he is in red).

An element of archers (Bw) in the center, flanked by two elements of slingers (Ps)

Four elements of Archers mounted on camels (Cm), with an element of camel-mounted scouts (LCm) on the right.  I added a second camel rider to one of the 3 camels on each stand for variety.

The entire army takes the field, looking for a town to raid.

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