31 December, 2016

Final 2016 Purchases

My final wargaming packages of 2016 both arrived Friday, so I thought I'd share the contents.  They should keep me busy for a while.

The first package was from Hasslefree Miniatures, ordered during their post-Thanksgiving sale and en route for several weeks.   Besides the two pieces of candy, it contained ten 28mm miniatures.

The top row (l-r) are for use in post-apocalypse or 7TV games.  The first is a steampunk mini that I just liked.  The second appears to be inspired by the Kate Beckinsale character in the 'Underworld' movies.  The third is an especially nice archer.  Most of my post-apoc miniatures have firearms, so it is good to have some different weapons.  The fourth is a martial artist, and will be used as a 7TV hero.

The bottom row consists of six miniatures in power armor.  I plan on using them with the This is Not a Test rules as the core of a Preserver force.  The third from the left, the one not wearing a helmet, will be the leader.  I really like this mini, seeing it on the website is what gave me the impetus to order the whole group.

The second package was from The Warstore.  I ordered it on Tuesday during their after-Christmas sale and it arrived on Friday; great service from them as always.  In the picture below are (l-r): 1. An issue of Wargames Illustrated from June 2012, they are giving away random old issues for free.  The theme is the Jacobite rebellion, so I'll have something good to read.  2. A set of Army Painter sculpting tools.  3. Some P3 brass rod for pinning.  4. Green stuff.  5. Three Perry Crusader knights (code CU6).  6. A bottle of Vallejo Rust Wash and a bottle of Army Painter Matte varnish.

In the past I haven't done much with green stuff other than filling gaps.  I want to experiment with it in 2017, hence the sculpting tools .  The Rust Wash will be used on some pieces of post-apocalypse terrain.  The  Perry knights will be added to my SAGA Crusader army, I like the overhand pose and have wanted this pack for a while.

Happy New Year!

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