04 August, 2017

28mm Civilians

Over the years I have painted a lot of civilians for my Doctor Who and 7TV games.  They come in handy as objectives, obstacles or just a nice addition to the scenery.

From Lead Bones (l-r): skater, waitress and 4 clerks.  I purchased these from Recreational Conflict.  The skater has a knack for appearing in the oddest places during games.

The first 2 on the left (waitress and cook) are from Ainsty; the other 3 are from Killer B's 'Geezer' range.  Also purchased from Recreational Conflict.

This intrepid BBC reporter and cameraman can often be found in harm’s way.  I bought these secondhand and loose; I later learned they are part of a Copplestone Future Wars pack along with 3 other models.

4 Pulp miniatures.  I do not know the manufacturer.  I bought them at a Cold Wars convention ages ago, from a gentleman in the flea market selling lots of loose Pulp miniatures.  The one on the left still has my old style of earth & grass basing since he looks like a gamekeeper or poacher.  The second one from the left reminds of me of the old officer from the 1939 version of ‘The Four Feathers’ who keeps retelling a tale of his exploits in the Crimean War; “On the right, the British infantry.  The thin red line”.

I took a lot of pictures at the same time so there are more posts on the way.  Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great post lots of various makes but all looking great.