08 January, 2019

28mm Apocalype Survivors I

Over the fall and winter I've been working on painting all the post-apocalypse miniatures I have.  Besides reducing the mountain of unpainted lead I have, I am also planning on running games in that genre in 2019.

Today's post includes primarily miniatures from Brigade Games.  They have a nice P-A line that began as a Kickstarter a few years ago and that they have been expanding it since.  I bought some of these at a convention back in 2016 once they were selling them at retail.  The rest I bought last September during one of their sales.  They have good detail with things like torn clothing, different types of backpacks, etc.

A couple of marauders looking for other survivors to prey upon.  I like the coats they are wearing.

One of the things I like about this line is the variety in weapons; not all the models are carrying assault rifles or machineguns.  The one on the left has a drill and several tools in a belt and the one on the right is holding a knife with a pistol in a holster.

More weapon variety with a baseball bat.  Hoods and sheepskin jackets are a good look for the post-apocalypse.

Some more civilized survivors.  Perhaps they are from a settlement?

A pistol and machete seem like a good combination.  I've named the one on the right 'Curly' after the Three Stooges.  He doesn't seem to be suffering from the food shortages, does he?

The one on the left is a resin model from Brother Vinni that came with separate arms which were easily attached.  On the right is another from Brigade.


The one on the left is from Hasslefree.  I started assembling it with a previous batch and had problems getting the arms to attach well.  I finally got them pinned and glued on.  The one on the right is a mechanic with only a wrench to defend himself.

While the weather was good I took two more sets of pictures, so check back soon.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Looks great. Nice mix of ranges there

  2. I like them a lot, Jason. They have a great look. Can't wait to see them slugging it out on the oil rig!!