21 August, 2011

Back in Action

After a long hiatus this blog is active again.  My painting this summer has alternated between bursts of activity and weeks where nothing gets done.  Vacations, work, kids, all have absorbed my time.  What I have painted has piled up waiting to be varnished for 2 reasons:  with little free time, I want to paint, not spend time sealing; and the summer heat and humidity in South Carolina prevent me from using any sprays outside.

I did spend Saturday night clearing up most of the varnish backlog.  Now I can get the figures based and clear some room from my workspace.

On the left are figures for my Medieval Ireland project: Scots pikemen, various Irish and English billmen.  The middle is an army of Hobbits (Splintered Light figures) for HOTT.  The right has 2 units (6 figures each) of commanded shot, one with yellow coats and one with blue, for my English Civil War Royalists.  The 28mm figures in the front are for my Doctor Who project (l-r): a Sea Devil, 2 versions of the Master, the 3rd Doctor, 3 scientists and a Silurian lurking behind them.  there are a couple dozen more Sea Devils in the storage tray underneath the sheet of styrene.

I have some armies lined up to take pictures of, so expect more posts soon.  My painting plans for the near future include the last few foot figures for my Medieval Ireland project (already underway) and a bunch of terrain I bought this summer from Ainsty.

Thanks for looking!