24 March, 2018

28mm Cargo Ship and Jetty

I haven't been painting many miniatures the last month or so.  Instead I have been building terrain.  I have a number of kits, mostly mdf, that I have been working through.  They are in various stages of construction and painting and I took pictures of two of the completed ones this week.

The first item I finished is a cargo ship made by TT Combat.  I bought it from Wargames Tools at Historicon 2016.  It measures 48.25 cm long and 15.25 cm wide.  They also make a longer version.  I have plenty of containers, boxes etc. to place on deck but left them off for the pictures.  It went together quickly and the pieces fit well.

The second piece is a Wooden Jetty set by Sarissa that I bought direct from them in March along with a fountain that is still being painted.  I've been looking for something to use as a pier for the ship.  It is in their Far East range but looks generic enough to be used in many settings.  It assembled easily into 4 pieces, two of which have a detachable ramp on one end.  Each piece is 22 cm long and 6 cm wide; the end ramp adds another 5 cm of length.

 Cargo ship and jetty together.  This used 3 of the 4 jetty sections.  There are two 28mm Artizan miniatures to show the scale.

All four of the jetty sections.  The left section has the ramp detached; the next one has the ramp attached.


 Detail of the bridge.

There is a second interior room under the bridge.  The bridge and roof are to the right of the ship.

 Thanks for looking!

19 March, 2018

Games I Ran At Historicon 2017

I ran two games at Historicon 2017 using two of my favorite rules sets: the Doctor Who Miniatures Game (DWMG) and 7TV.

First Game - DWMG
Saturday morning I ran a scenario titled 'Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Daleks'.  I modified a scenario originally created by the authors set during the Doctor Who episodes 'Army of Ghosts' and 'Doomsday'.  It had 6 players, each with their own objectives.  The good factions were the Police, Torchwood and the Preachers; the bad factions were the Criminals, Daleks and Cybermen.

The board setup on a 6x4 foot area:

The factory doors are opening.  What danger lurks within?

 My newest building, a Police station by TT Combat.

A lone Dalek glides down the street.

The good guys from Torchwood move to intercept the Dalek.  Some of the Criminals are visible in the background.

 Torchwood and the Dalek battled it out for most of the game.

The other two good factions work their way towards the factory where the Cybermen are converting captives into more Cybermen.  The Preachers are on the left and the Police on the right.

A Cyberman stuns a Policeman and drags him back to the factory fpr conversion.

On the other side of the factory.  The Criminals are making their way up the board towards their objective, the Green building at the top.

The BBC always have a camera crew on location.

The captured Policeman has been converted into a new Cyberman.

A second Dalek makes a brief appearance.

The Dalek-Torchwood battle continues.

The Doctor (in the brown coat) has joined Torchwood.  His assistance helped to turn the tide.

The Criminals have robbed the jewelry store (their main objective).

A lone Policeman attempts to stop the Criminals but is quickly outnumbered.

Having dispatched the Daleks, Torchwood and the Doctor join the assault on the factory.  The Police and Preachers made it inside before taking heavy losses fighting the Cybermen.

The Criminals take the opportunity to mug a defenceless skater before exiting the board.

The last stand of the Cybermen.

I have run this scenario several times over the years and it is always a fun game.  This is the first time both the Daleks and Cybermen were wiped out; the Daleks' dice really turned against them.  The Criminals managed to complete their objectives while the good guys managed an overall victory.

Second Game - 7TV
After a short break to rearrange the table, on Saturday afternoon I ran a game using the 7TV rules by Crooked Dice.  It is one of my favorite games and a lot of fun.

The scenario was creatively named 'Spaceship Down!'.  An alien spaceship has crashed in London and the British army is moving in to secure the wreckage.  Meanwhile the evil corporation United Radionics has summoned all available forces to recover the advanced technology on board.  Each side had 3 players with a cast of around 30 points each.  I tended to take a few pictures whenever I had the chance so I missed some of the action.

Some shots of the board after setup.  There were 5 pieces of wreckage, each with an objective marker representing salvageable technology.  The spaceship pieces are from an old Games Workshop set.

A villainous Double Agent sneaks ahead to secure the first objective marker on the right flank.  You can tell he's a villain by the eyepatch.

A squad of Minions advances to support the Double Agent.

More Minions advance in the center of the board.

On the other end of the board, the British Army moves in to secure the alien ship's cockpit.

Another objective is claimed by United Radionics.

The first soldier is down.  His comrades take cover and return fire.

On the left, the android-like Plastons created by UR's Advanced Research Division advance in formation.

Back on the right, hand-to-hand combat has begun.

On the roof of the building are 2 survivors from the spaceship.  They take turns shooting at both sides as casualties mount.

I don't seem to have any pictures from the end of the game but it was an overall win for the villains with 3 of the 5 objectives and heavy losses on both sides.

This was the largest 7TV game I have run.  It didn't get through as many turns as I thought it would but it did come to a conclusion.  I plan on running 7TV games at Historicon 2018 and am leaning towards doing 3 different 1-on-1 scenarios simultaneously.  I think it would allow the games to move faster and also showcase the wide variety of settings that you use with these rules.

Thanks for looking!