24 March, 2018

28mm Cargo Ship and Jetty

I haven't been painting many miniatures the last month or so.  Instead I have been building terrain.  I have a number of kits, mostly mdf, that I have been working through.  They are in various stages of construction and painting and I took pictures of two of the completed ones this week.

The first item I finished is a cargo ship made by TT Combat.  I bought it from Wargames Tools at Historicon 2016.  It measures 48.25 cm long and 15.25 cm wide.  They also make a longer version.  I have plenty of containers, boxes etc. to place on deck but left them off for the pictures.  It went together quickly and the pieces fit well.

The second piece is a Wooden Jetty set by Sarissa that I bought direct from them in March along with a fountain that is still being painted.  I've been looking for something to use as a pier for the ship.  It is in their Far East range but looks generic enough to be used in many settings.  It assembled easily into 4 pieces, two of which have a detachable ramp on one end.  Each piece is 22 cm long and 6 cm wide; the end ramp adds another 5 cm of length.

 Cargo ship and jetty together.  This used 3 of the 4 jetty sections.  There are two 28mm Artizan miniatures to show the scale.

All four of the jetty sections.  The left section has the ramp detached; the next one has the ramp attached.


 Detail of the bridge.

There is a second interior room under the bridge.  The bridge and roof are to the right of the ship.

 Thanks for looking!


  1. looks awesome...perfect for the Congo.

  2. That looks brilliant! If you get some scrap armour and stuff to hang over the side as a skin it would work great in post apoc games.

  3. are you aware they do an extension so the boat could be even longer?

    Great idea for post apoc

    1. Yes, they had the larger version when I bought it but I liked the size of this one better.