30 July, 2013

Doctor Who Project - Doctors and Companions

After a long hiatus, here are some pictures of the man himself: the Doctor.  Well, two versions of him anyway.

First up are the 3rd Doctor (Jon Pertwee, 1970-74) and his last companion, Sarah Jane Smith.  Most of this Doctor's stories are set on Earth, where he had been exiled by the Time Lords.  This was also UNIT's heyday and provides a lot of scenario ideas.  These are both Black Tree Design figures and were painted in 2011.

The fourth Doctor (Tom Baker, 1974-81) was the longest running, the first one I saw and has always been my favorite.  These are his first group of companions, Sarah Jane Smith on the right and Harry Sullivan on the left.  These are also from Black Tree Design and painted in 2011.

And these are two of the 4th Doctor's later companions: Leela of the Sevateem and the robot dog K-9.  Leela is from Black Tree and K-9 is made by Heresy Miniatures.  The body is sold as a 'D-06 General Duty Robot' and the head is sold as a 'Security Upgrade'.  Both were painted in 2011.

I am planning on returning to my Doctor Who project in the near future in order to prepare a scenario I want to run at Siege of Augusta in January 2014.  Thanks for looking!