17 November, 2011

28mm Buildings

This post has pictures of two 28mm resin buildings I painted in late October/early November for my Doctor Who Project.  Both buildings are made by Ainsty.  I ordered from them for the first time last summer and they were great to deal with and shipped quickly from the UK to the US.  I washed both buildings with warm soapy water and primed them with Krylon Fusion Black spray, followed by a thin coat of acrylic black to cover any areas that the spray missed.

The first building is a ruined cottage.  It is being defended by a group of UNIT soldiers from a Cyberman who is just appearing around the corner.

The chimney is painted in several layers of Americana Heritage Brick.  The wood beams are  painted with a series of drybrushes: Vallejo Medium Camo Brown, then Howard Hues Colonial Khaki, then a light Ral Partha/Iron Wind Grey.  The walls are Privateer Gun Corps Brown and the exposed inner wall bits have a drybrush of Ceramcoat Oyster White over the brown.  The stone floor is painted with Ceramcoat Charcoal Grey, Ceramcoat Storm Grey and finally Ral Partha/Iron Wind Grey.  I finished the model with a black wash and 2 coats of Krylon Matte Finish spray.

The second building is a Security Checkpoint.  I am going to paint something on the sign but I haven't decided what yet.  Two guards from Wolverine Security are manning the post.  The majority of the building is painted with GW Fortress Grey; the blue sections are Vallejo Oxford Blue, which is also the base color for the guards' uniforms.  The roof is removable which comes in handy during games.

Thanks for looking!