17 December, 2017

28mm Terrain - Tires, Objectives & Sandbags

I am always on the lookout for more 28mm terrain for my games to use as cover, objectives or for scenic purposes.  I bought these pieces at Historicon 2017.  They are all by Acheson Creations, who have a variety of well-priced resin terrain and buildings for many different eras.  For example, all of my dark age buildings (April 2016 post) are by Acheson.  I picked these out of a box with lots of small pieces; they were only $1 each.

I washed them in the dishwasher to remove the mold residue, then primed them with Wal-Mart spray paint, black for the tires, white for the others.  I gave them a quick wash of black or white to cover any areas that the spray didn't fully cover.  They painted up very quickly.  The tire stacks got a dark gray drybrush.  The sandbags were painted with Howard Hues Colonial Khaki, then a drybrush of Howard Hues WWI Russian Uniform.  The weapons got various shades of gray, khaki and olive.  All sealed with 2 coats of Testors Dullcote.

 A 28mm miniature from my last post is included for scale.

Three identical stacks of tires.  Useful as cover from enemies or zombie hordes.

A small fortified position, sandbags backed by a wooden frame.  Perhaps a checkpoint outside a camp of surviviors.

The weapons caches will be used as objective markers in my Post-Apoc games.

Thanks for looking!

07 December, 2017

28mm Post-Apocalypse Mercenaries

Most of my 28mm post-apocalypse miniatures are organized as factions.  I have collected a few miscellaneous figures that can be used in games as mercenaries, NPCs, etc.  My favorite P-A game system, Across the Dead Earth, allows factions to hire mercenaries for use in games.  It can be found at https://www.deadearth.co.uk/

(l-r) Ayesha & Nisha, both from Dead Earth Games.  They are a deadly pair of sisters wandering post-apocalypse Britain.  They have some nice details and were fun to paint.

(l-r) Crimson, another mercenary from Dear Earth Games.  She was offered as a Kickstarter reward during the original game launch back in 2014.  I like the leather jacket.  The fellow on the right is from Project Zeke Miniatures, a British company that had a small line of P-A miniatures and scenery.  They were the source of my wrecked cars (2015 post).  Unfortunately they stopped trading in 2016.  These 2 were painted in 2015.

These 2 are also from Project Zeke Miniatures.  The one on the right was listed in their catalog as Eddie and has a biker look to him; I painted it in 2015.  The one on the left looks very similar and was listed as Young Eddie, presumably a younger version or relative.  I bought it from Grekwood Miniatures in 2016 and painted it in September 2017. 

Thanks for looking!

Fall Doldrums & A Return to Painting

So after a lot of painting in September I came to a sudden halt.  I had no desire or energy for any hobby activities for almost 2 months.  In the middle of November I started trying to get myself going again.  I checked out some history books from the local library and read a few gaming magazines.  As Thanksgiving approached, I started looking at the sales offered by different companies.  Over the next few days I ended up ordering 2 4-point SAGA armies from Footsore (Irish & Romano-British), a MDF secret base and a couple miniatures from Crooked Dice, 9 miniatures from Hasslefree, and some stuff from Litko.

Litko won the postal race, arriving in 2 days.  Below are the contents of my package: a magnetic sheet I use in my storage boxes, some steel base bottoms and 4 bottles of Army Painter paint.

Afterwards I finished placing my orders, I got out a few figures and cleaned , assembled, based and primed them.  From the left are a mad scientist in a wheelchair (Black Cat), 2 Failed Experiments (Crooked Dice), a large Zombie/Mutant (Warlord), 2 modern adventurers and a martial artist (Hasslefree). 

Since this photo, I have painted the bases and started on the metal, hair and skin.  I hope I am back on track.  I am interested in hearing how you beat the wargaming doldrums.