13 May, 2020

28mm Hazmat Team

Back in early 2019, I painted a group of nine Hazmat troopers for my post-apocalypse games.  Eight of them are from Hasslefree, sold in two sets of four as Hazmat Teams Alpha and Beta.  The ninth is a character miniature from Crooked Dice which is a bit taller but since it is the leader I don't mind.

When I was thinking about how to paint these I knew I wanted the suits to be yellow.  Yellow is not a color I enjoy highlighting, so I decided to use the Army Painter method of a colored primer.  This was the first, and so far only, time I have used that method.  I wanted to try it out on a uniformed group without too many details that I would have to repaint in different colors.  Also, I happened to have another use for the yellow primer as part of my oil rig project.  So I gave it a try.  After spraying the Demonic Yellow primer, I touched up the spots where the spray did not reach with a bottle of the same color.  After painting the minimal details (weapons, air tanks, visors, etc.) I gave them a quick wash of dark brown and sealed them with Testors Dullcote.  I think they turned out fine for my purposes.  It was a quick way to paint miniatures that are predominantly one color but not a method I would use often.

The one in the middle is from Crooked Dice.  Unlike the other troopers, his suit contains his deadly powers inside, as evidenced by his glowing hand.  I have had this miniature for years and finally painted it as part of this group.

They are ready to purify the unclean.  Beware zombies!

08 May, 2020

28mm Terrain - Barricades, Bins and a Boat

While working at home during COVID-19 quarantine I have been trying to use the time saved from not commuting to work on some small gaming projects.

I'm always on the lookout for more small terrain pieces to add to my post-apocalypse layouts.  When I was at Siege of Augusta in January 2020, I rummaged through the containers of $2 resin pieces from Acheson Creations.  I am a fan of their terrain for both variety, quality and price.  They had some new pieces and they made it my painting queue last week.  There is one piece that hasn't progressed past priming, a sort of post-apocalypse totem pole.  I am not sure what I am going to do with it yet.

I started with my usual method of a gentle wash in the dishwasher to remove any mold residue, followed by spraying everything black and a quick once-over with thinned black paint to cover any spots that were missed.  After painting everything received some Testors Dullcote for protection.

There are two different barricade pieces; I got two of each.  The tires were drybrushed with Vallejo Black Gray and the barrels with different colors of craft paints.  The 28mm miniatures show the scale.  The male mini on the left is from Studio Miniatures and the female on the right is from Hasslefree.

A defensive position with more barrels and sandbags painted with Howard Hues Colonial Khaki and Russian WWI Uniform.

A collection of trash bins, useful for any game set in an urban area.  I painted them green since that is the color they are in my city.

This beached boat caught my eye, I think it is a nice model.  I painted it with successive drybrush coats of Howard Hues Wood, HH Colonial Khaki and Iron Wind Gray, then a coat of Army Painter Soft Tone ink.

Everything together.  The three stacks of barrels and the weapons cache in the back were painted back in 2017.  I got them out to add some static grass so they all matched.