22 November, 2013

Items For Sale

Note:  I am marking items SOLD as they go.

Trying to dispose of some things I no longer want/need.  Postage at cost.  Email me at miros@sc.rr.com if you want to buy something.

1. 12 x 28mm US Army (Old Glory).  I think these are 82nd Airborne: $12

2. 28mm British mortar and 3 crew (The Assault Group BRT018): $6

3. Harold Godwinson and his Brothers (Gripping Beast) for SAGA: $11

4. 6 x 28mm Norman archers (Old Glory): $6

5. 4 x 28mm Norman Cavalry (Old Glory): $8

6. 10 x 28mm Dark Age Cavalry (Old Glory).  Can use for Scots, Welsh, Strathclyde, etc: $20

7. Assorted 25mm Doctor Who figures: 2 x UNIT soldiers, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (baton is broken off), Davros and the Master (FASA): $2 each

8. More 28mm Doctor Who.  The new series John Simms Master (Heresy, comes with a blaster and a 2nd hand holding a pistol) and K-9 (Black Tree): $2.50 each

9. Regimental Fire and Fury ACW Rules.  Brand new, never read: $25

10.  Doctor Who Region 1 DVDs: The Ribos Operation (Special Edition, new); The Androids of Tara (like new) and The Armageddon Factor (new): $7 each

26 October, 2013

Terrain in Process

After getting bad cuts on 2 of the fingers on my painting hand (don't get in a fight with a meatslicer, you will lose), I have been working on terrain recently.  I need to build up my stock of 28mm urban terrain for a couple of Doctor Who scenarios I want to run in January.

First are 2 near-identical pieces of ruins I bought at a convention flea market sometime in the last 2 years.  They were already based and painted, though only a light grey with no shading.  I gave them a thin coat of black paint, then drybrushed successive coats of Ceramcoat charcoal gray and hippo gray.  I glued ballast to a few thin spots and added more static grass then sealed them with matte varnish.  They will be useful terrain for anything from Dark Ages to modern.  You can glimpse a primed checkpoint barrier from Ainsty in the background.

Next some items in process. From left to right, a large box from Ainsty, an antenna tower from Demo's Laser Cut Designs and 4 28mm Daleks from Black Tree Designs.  All were sprayed black, though the can turned out to be semi-gloss.  A quick brushed-on coat of black paint took care of that.  The Daleks will feature in one of the Doctor Who scenarios and be painted as the Cult of Skaro (gold and bronze paint scheme).  The antenna tower is made of laser-cut wood pieces.  It glued together very easily with Aleene's tacky glue and was a test before I built the items in the last picture.

Last are 4 stores, also from Demo's: http://demoslaser-cutdesigns.weebly.com/
I bought them with the antenna at the 2012 Little Wars convention in Chicago.  It took 2 1/2 hours to put together all 4.  The parts fit together very well and I am pleased with the result.  If you want a piece-by-piece look, check out Captain Apathy's excellent overview:

I still have to glue them to their bases.  They come with store signs, but I am waiting to put those on until after I have painted them.  I bought a can of flat black spray so I will proceed with priming and painting soon.

Thanks for looking!


30 July, 2013

Doctor Who Project - Doctors and Companions

After a long hiatus, here are some pictures of the man himself: the Doctor.  Well, two versions of him anyway.

First up are the 3rd Doctor (Jon Pertwee, 1970-74) and his last companion, Sarah Jane Smith.  Most of this Doctor's stories are set on Earth, where he had been exiled by the Time Lords.  This was also UNIT's heyday and provides a lot of scenario ideas.  These are both Black Tree Design figures and were painted in 2011.

The fourth Doctor (Tom Baker, 1974-81) was the longest running, the first one I saw and has always been my favorite.  These are his first group of companions, Sarah Jane Smith on the right and Harry Sullivan on the left.  These are also from Black Tree Design and painted in 2011.

And these are two of the 4th Doctor's later companions: Leela of the Sevateem and the robot dog K-9.  Leela is from Black Tree and K-9 is made by Heresy Miniatures.  The body is sold as a 'D-06 General Duty Robot' and the head is sold as a 'Security Upgrade'.  Both were painted in 2011.

I am planning on returning to my Doctor Who project in the near future in order to prepare a scenario I want to run at Siege of Augusta in January 2014.  Thanks for looking!


26 January, 2013

Doctor Who Project - Villains

This post covers some of the villains I have painted for my Doctor Who project.

First up are the 'KGB Men' and 'More KGB Men' packs from Copplestone.  I use them as generic bad guys.  There are 3 miniatures in each pack, however I have mixed them up for these pictures.  They were painted over a couple of days in January 2012 for use in a game I ran at that year's Siege of Augusta.

Below are 2 packs of 'Guards in Hard Hats', also from Copplestone.  I had a difficult time painting these figures for many reasons.  The miniatures themselves are fine.  I decided I wanted to paint them in orange jumpsuits to be generic guards for a factory, refinery, evil mastermind's lair, etc.  While I had a dark orange paint I liked for the base color, I tried many lighter colors before finding a bottle of Ral Partha/Iron Wind Orange at the Little Wars convention in April 2012.  After finishing the painting, I applied my usual wash to add some shading but for some reason I don't think it looks as good as normal.  I was then struck by the infamous 'matte spray fog' and had to repaint sections.  In the end, I don't like them very much.  I'm not sure if it is how they look or because of the long process.  I will still use them in games though!

Next is a group of 6 Ogrons.  From Wikipedia: "Ogrons are low-intelligence, ape-like hominids who live in scattered communities on an unnamed planet on the outer fringes of the Milky Way, far from the central spaceways. The dominant lifeform on their home planet is a giant slug-like lizard named the Eater, and the Ogrons both pray to and are preyed on by it.  Ogrons are hired mercenaries. Those who have employed their services include the Master and the Daleks.

Ogrons appeared in 3 stories of the 3rd Doctor: Day of the Daleks, Carnival of Monsters and Frontier in Space.  Here is a picture from one of the episodes:


And here is my take on the Ogrons.  These are Black Tree Design miniatures and I painted them in the spring/summer of 2012.  There are 2 different poses, but only the position of arm with the gun varies.

Last, but certainly not least, are 2 versions of the Master. Below is a picture of all the Masters from the show in order of appearance.  The first 3 in the top row are from the original era of the show, the 4th from the 1996 movie, and the 5th and 6th from the newer shows.  I have miniatures of the 2nd, decayed one and the 6th but have not painted them yet.

                                                   Versions of the Master.png

On the left is the original Master, as portrayed in the 1970s by Roger Delgado.  On the right is the 3rd version, played in the 1980s by Anthony Ainley (my favorite as he was the first one I saw).  Both are by Black Tree Miniatures and were painted in 2011.

Thanks for looking!

Saga Project - Anglo-Danes

I've started on another Saga army, Anglo-Danes.  I'm working on a 4 point starter army from Gripping Beast.  Below is a picture taken earlier this week after priming and painting the bases and metal.  I've since done the hair and am working on the flesh highlights.  The warlord is in front, with 2 units of Huscarls on the left and 2 units of warriors on the right.

I have a few more units for the Anglo-Danes but they are still being cleaned and assembled.  My plan is to complete the starter army, then work on the other units perhaps alternating with some Normans if I need to do something different.

Long live King Canute!