01 May, 2019

28mm Apocalypse Surviviors III

Following on from parts I and II in January, I have finished some more miniatures for my post-apocalypse games.

Listed as Smith and Colt Cartwright on the Hasslefree Miniatures website, these two gentlemen are better known to Supernatural fans as Sam and Dean Winchester.  Supernatural is one of my favorite shows.  I remember watching the first episode and never thought it would still be airing 14 years later.  7TV: Apocalypse has a monster hunter star that is perfect for them, as well as a variety of creatures for them to fight.

This is a giant mutant from Brother Vinni  I am not sure what the real name for this miniature is because it is no longer on their website.  It is made of resin and came in 4 parts: body, 2 arms and hammer.  I had to drill out the hands to fit the hammer.  You could substitute another weapon.  I spent some time deciding what color to use for the skin, with Howard Hues oriental flesh beating blue.

The revolution doesn't stop for the apocalypse!  With a Cuban cigar in one hand and an AK-47 in the other, Hector Gomez (left) from Studio Miniatures is always ready to continue the struggle for the proletariat.  Originally a free bonus miniature to backers of their Project Z Kickstarter, it is now available on the Studio website, where they seem to be continuing to expand their range of survivors.

Joe (right) is from Hasslefree Miniatures.  He may only be armed with a baseball bat but he has plenty of attitude.


In case you are curious about the size comparison.  The mutant definitely towers over the others.