29 January, 2022

28mm Factory and Barn

For me, one of the benefits of the lack of wargaming conventions over the last two years has been the discovery of new wargaming companies online.  One example is Father and Son Gaming.

Located in central Ohio where I am originally from, I don't recall how I first found their website in January 2021.  They were very responsive when I emailed with some questions.  When I asked some of my Ohio gaming friends they gave positive recommendations.  They have a nice line of MDF terrain and other gaming accessories.  Many of their buildings are for WWII but can easily be used in other settings.

In February 2021 I ordered three 28mm buildings from them.  After an extended lull in terrain building, over the winter holidays in late 2021 I assembled two of them: a factory and a barn.  The third is still being painted.  Both of the buildings were easy to assemble.  Although they did not come with written instructions, the photos and videos on their website were more than sufficient.  All the parts fit together very well.  The only modification I had to make was on the factory floor pieces where I filed down some of the tabs that fit into the walls.

The factory is a good addition to my modern terrain.  I quickly spray-painted it a medium gray.  I considered making the roof a different color but decided to leave it all the same depressing factory gray.  The photos include three of my biker gang who are doubtlessly guarding all manner of illicit goods.  The large windows work well for gaming purposes.

The roof and upper floor are removable and there is plenty of room for miniatures.  The building also includes a ladder that is hidden in the shadows of a winter afternoon.

The barn did not come with a base piece but the website description is very clear that it does not.  I spray primed it black, then assembled it.  I gave it a quick coat of thinned black paint to cover any spots the primer missed, followed by two coats of Howard Hues Wood, then two drybrush coats of Howard Hues Colonial Khaki.  A coat of GW Agrax Earthshade brought out the detail.  I glued it to a piece of styrene for a base.  I coated the styrene with a 50/50 mix of glue and brown paint, then spread a mix of ballast across the base.  On the exterior I added patches of static grass, various tufts and bushes.  I left the interior as a plain dirt floor.  The final step was two coats of Testors Dullcote.  I am very happy with how it turned out.  It will serve for a variety of periods.  I have left the side and back doors off for the pictures but they can be put in place.  

The bikers are again guarding their stash.  I like how you can see the outline of the biker at the other end of the barn.  There is a loft at one end.