29 May, 2015

28mm Crashed Spaceship

Two years ago I spent some time looking for a 28mm crashed spaceship to use as an objective for my Doctor Who games.  The most suitable one was the Crashed Aquilia Lander by Games Workshop, which my local store ordered for me.  

The impetus to finally paint it was provided by my signing up to run a game at Storm-Con, a convention in Charleston, SC (http://www.storm-con.com/), in late June.  You can't run a game called 'Spaceship Down' without a spaceship.

It comes in 6 pieces of hard plastic; 2 of them combined to form the largest section.

I washed it to remove any mold residue then sprayed it with Krylon Matte Black.  I painted most of the wreckage with Ceramcoat Charcoal Grey, then drybrushed with a mix of Vallejo Cold Grey and P3 Black. The metal parts were painted with Vallejo Oily Steel.  The red areas got a base of Army Painter Dragon Red, a wash of Black ink, then a coat of GW Evil Sunz Scarlet.  The freshly-turned earth got a coat of Vallejo Flat Earth, then a drybrush with some White added.  A spray of Testor's Dullcote sealed it and finished it off.

Now what you really are interested in, the pictures.  First all the sections together, then a close-up of each one.  As always, you can click on the images for a larger image.


As made, there is no base underneath the broken sections on this piece, which exposes whatever is underneath. I glued a piece of black styrene under the base of this section to improve the look.

Thanks for looking!