30 March, 2016

Saga: Anglo-Danes

A long-finished project that I finally took out for photographing.  There is a post from January 2013 when I was just starting this army, and my best guess is that I finished them some time in the first half of that year.

I chose to build the army to represent King Canute, as he is one of my favorite historical figures from this period.  He reigned in England 1016-1035 and Denmark 1018-1035.

The miniatures are mainly 28mm Gripping Beast, except where noted in the notes to the photos.  I began with a 4-point starter army from GB, then added more units to it to make a 7-point force.   They are a nice blend of Viking and Saxon styles.  The shields are a mix of Little Big Men transfers and hand-painted designs.

King Canute with his dane-axe.  I like this figure a lot, very imposing.

The first unit of 4 Huscarls (Hearthguard in Saga).  These miniatures are a mix of Foundry and Crusader Vikings.  I especially like the ones on each end.  The banner is from Little Big Men Studios.

The second unit of 4 Huscarls.  These are Gripping Beast and came in the army pack.

The third unit of 4 Huscarls with dane-axes.  These are also Gripping beast from the army pack.

The first unit of 8 Anglo-Saxon spearmen (Warriors in Saga).  Both this unit and the other spearmen are Gripping beast from the army pack.  There is a nice mix of poses.  Unusually for GB, the shields are cast-on.  I suspect these are older sculpts.

The second unit of 8 Anglo-Saxon spearmen (warriors).

Twelve Anglo-Saxon slingers (Levy in Saga) from Gripping Beast.  I was surprised that the slings had to be glued on, but they were very easy to attach with superglue and hav a good join.

Twelve Danish bowmen.  The 2 in the middle with mail are from Foundry, the rest are Old Glory.  This unit does double duty as archers in my Viking army.

The entire 7-point army.

29 March, 2016

Across the Dead Earth: The Engineers

The Engineers are one of the gangs from the Across the Dead Earth rulebook.  In the post-apocalypse setting, they seek out artifacts to research and restore.  The miniatures are made by Dead Earth Games.  They are nice castings with a lot of little details that made them fun to paint.

I painted these throughout 2015.  The pictures were taken on a sunny spring day with an iPad.

The Engineers:

Tricky (scout), Watts (medic), Barnabus (leader):

Daisy (heavy), Chinny (sharpshooter):