30 March, 2016

Saga: Anglo-Danes

A long-finished project that I finally took out for photographing.  There is a post from January 2013 when I was just starting this army, and my best guess is that I finished them some time in the first half of that year.

I chose to build the army to represent King Canute, as he is one of my favorite historical figures from this period.  He reigned in England 1016-1035 and Denmark 1018-1035.

The miniatures are mainly 28mm Gripping Beast, except where noted in the notes to the photos.  I began with a 4-point starter army from GB, then added more units to it to make a 7-point force.   They are a nice blend of Viking and Saxon styles.  The shields are a mix of Little Big Men transfers and hand-painted designs.

King Canute with his dane-axe.  I like this figure a lot, very imposing.

The first unit of 4 Huscarls (Hearthguard in Saga).  These miniatures are a mix of Foundry and Crusader Vikings.  I especially like the ones on each end.  The banner is from Little Big Men Studios.

The second unit of 4 Huscarls.  These are Gripping Beast and came in the army pack.

The third unit of 4 Huscarls with dane-axes.  These are also Gripping beast from the army pack.

The first unit of 8 Anglo-Saxon spearmen (Warriors in Saga).  Both this unit and the other spearmen are Gripping beast from the army pack.  There is a nice mix of poses.  Unusually for GB, the shields are cast-on.  I suspect these are older sculpts.

The second unit of 8 Anglo-Saxon spearmen (warriors).

Twelve Anglo-Saxon slingers (Levy in Saga) from Gripping Beast.  I was surprised that the slings had to be glued on, but they were very easy to attach with superglue and hav a good join.

Twelve Danish bowmen.  The 2 in the middle with mail are from Foundry, the rest are Old Glory.  This unit does double duty as archers in my Viking army.

The entire 7-point army.


  1. Nicely done! I enjoy playing my Anglo Danes in SAGA.

  2. Replies
    1. I plan on attending this year and will probably play Saga. Not sure which army though.

  3. they look very good, wish I could take them on with my Normans

  4. Well done! I really like the work you did on the GB huscarls' shields. As luck would have it, I'm painting shields on those models tonight, so you provided some timely inspiration!

  5. They look splendid...and fierce!