02 June, 2020

28mm Post-Apocalypse

Back with more 28mm post-apocalypse miniatures from my collection.  I had to skip my intended post for this week due to some picture issues, luckily I had already taken these earlier in May.  All of these were painted in early 2019 for my games using the rules sets 7TV: Apocalypse and Across the Dead Earth.

(l) A friendly neighborhood doctor from Brigade Games.  Based on his expression and what he is holding in his right hand the nickname "Sawbones" seems more than appropriate.  An apple a day might be a better option than his treatment.
(r) One of my favorite miniatures, from Hasslefree.  This ski-mask-wearing, axe- and machete-wielding terror is perfect for leading a crazed band of wasteland marauders.  The model comes with two heads, but the other one doesn't have a mask so why would you use it?

(l) Robot gunslinger from Crooked Dice.  In my games I have used him as a creation of the Engineers Guild who work to preserve the knowledge of the old days.  The Engineers are lightly-armed so this gives them some muscle.
(r) Elvis from Studio Miniatures.  Is he the real thing or an imposter?  I have used him in several scenarios as the leader of the Cult of the King, with numerous hooded minions obeying his every command.  For my oil rig game at Historicon 2019 I painted a white and red boat named Hound Dog to ferry his troops.  This post wouldn't be complete without a link to Mojo Nixon's song Elvis is Everywhere: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_3eQBMycfA

This father-son duo definitely have a Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome vibe; from Crooked Dice.

Two more Mad Max inspired models from Crooked Dice; (l) Road Warrior marauder and (r) Fury Road's Imperator Furiosa.  I couldn't get her face to look right with the black facepaint from the movie so I gave up but it still doesn't look right to me.  I may try to repaint it black again someday.

(l) Hacker with a small body but a giant brain and (r) scout with sniper rifle from Crooked Dice.

(l) Town marshal keeping law and order and (r) a heavy gunner in case of trouble; from Crooked Dice.

Gas Mask Girl from Worlds End, who make the This Is Not A Test P-A rules and an associated range of miniatures.  The arms and weapons bag come separately and include another right arm holding an assault rifle.

The obligatory group shot.