07 March, 2012

Game Report - Doctor Who

I've finally downloaded the pictures off my camera of the Doctor Who Miniatures Game scenario I ran at the Siege of Augusta convention on January 20th.

The game featured a joint attack on a coastal UNIT base in Scotland by the Sea Devils and the Master.  It was loosely adapted from one of the scenarios included in the DWMG rulebook.  I had designed it for 6 players, but we squeezed in a 4th UNIT player.

Here is the table just after I set up the terrain.  The Sea Devils entered from the ocean on the left of the table; The Master and a group of hypnotized thugs entered from the far edge; UNIT was spread around the rest of the table.

A shot from the beginning of the game.  The Sea Devils are advancing up the beach and UNIT is moving to hold them.  The Brigadier is leading from the front behind the middle clump of brush, Captain Yates is in the ruined building at bottom right, while Sergeant Benton is observing from atop one of the oil tanks.

The Sea Devils focused their efforts on the flanks.  Here they are moving forward on the left flank while one of the Master's goons attacks the cottage from behind.

At the other end of the table, the Sea Devils are attempting to destroy the storage tanks.  In the distance a Sea Devil is lurking next to one of the houses.

Late in the game, UNIT has fallen back towards the buildings.  The Doctor and Leela spent the whole game in the HQ building working on an invention, which he completed on the last turn.

The Master is captured by UNIT.  He had previously disposed of two soldiers on the ground floor but his luck has run out.

The points ended in a draw; UNIT's heavy losses were balanced by capturing the Master.  Most importantly, the players had a good time and I enjoyed running the game.  Thanks to Crooked Dice (the creators of DWMG) for sending me a bunch of  DWMG/7TV postcards to hand out to players and passersby.


2012 Project #1 Completed

It took me 6 days after posting my 2012 project list to complete my first project.  I finished the 32 Axumite infantry March 2nd; the 4 mounted & 1 elephant were completed on March 7th.

I wanted to work on my Doctor Who project so I de-flashed 9 miniatures (6 guards and 3 other gunmen, all Copplestone) on Friday, then had to wait until Tuesday afternoon to prime them due to heavy rain and high winds.  I also added a new project to my 2012 list: a 15mm Romano-British army.  My friend Mike and I bought a bunch of Splintered Light Miniatures years ago and split them in half.  They've been patiently waiting for attention ever since.  I picked out 16 armored spearmen, superglued their shields on, and primed them along with the DW miniatures.  So far I've painted the metal areas on the Brits and the base coat of black on the guns/boots for the 28mm.