28 February, 2020

28mm Medieval Church

This week I finally completed a medieval church that I bought back in 2018.  It is made by Wild Land Store, who have a Facebook page with their products.  I posted the ruined Cathedral I bought at the same time back in June 2018:


Wild Land are located in Ukraine and were very easy to do business with.  The church is made of MDF and is very sturdy.  Each wall consists of an outer and inner piece and all the joins were easy to fit together.  The detail is deep and easy to paint.  I sprayed it black, then brushed on a thin coat of black to even out the coverage.  After drybrushing the exterior walls a dark grey I let is sit from October until mid-February.

When I finally got back around to finishing it I must have been temporarily insane, because I decided to paint each stone individually.  When I regained my senses it was too late to turn back!  I used three different tones of grey to make it more interesting.  I used a lighter grey to drybrush the interior and then painted the front door and the trapdoor inside the tower a darker and lighter shade of wood and the metal fittings gunmetal.  I painted the roof dark brown then drybrushed two coats of a red-brown.  At the end I painted the ground earth brown, added a coat of glue then applied static grass and various bushes.  I am pleased with how it turned out and even more pleased that I finally finished it.  

The pictures have 28mm miniatures from Black Cat and Crooked Dice to show scale.  The base is 7" wide x 11" long; the peak of the tower's roof is 12" high.  Both of the roof pieces come off to allow access to the inside.