23 May, 2018

Doctor Mao and the Autons

The Autons are an old monster from Doctor Who.  First appearing in 1970s 'Spearhead from Space'. they have shown up as villains several times in both classic and new stories.  They are made from plastic, have guns in their hands and are controlled by an alien being, the Nestene Consciousness.  They have appeared as living mannequins and more realistic impersonations of humans.  I use mine as Autons in Doctor Who games and in 7TV games either as the original Autons or creations of Doctor Mao.   I painted them at different times in 2016 and 2017.

Doctor Mao on the right with one of his creations in metal, rather than the standard Auton plastic.  The mad Doctor's origins are unknown but he does bear a resemblance to a certain North Korean family.  Perhaps a distant relative?

Four Autons from Black Tree Design in work uniforms.  They come in two different poses.  Based on the early 70s shows, these were originally made by Harlequin and are still available.

Four more Autons.

Two mannequin-like Autons in fashionable clothing.  These are from Crooked Dice and sold as Plastons.

Two more from Crooked Dice.  The one on the right has security tags attached to his shirt, pants and jacket, which is a nice touch.

Fear the Autons!