21 December, 2020

28mm Characters for 7TV

 Today's post consists of a batch of 28mm miniatures from Crooked Dice for use in their game 7TV.  I bought them during their not-Salute sale in April 2020 and I painted them during lockdown in fall 2020 when I needed a change of pace in between batches of Early Saxons for Saga.  Their miniatures are generally a pleasure to paint.  These are are all for use in the Spy-fi version of the game, which is my favorite, covering everything from James Bond to Doctor Who.  Crooked Dice is scheduled to release a 7TV:Fantasy set in 2021 if fantasy is your thing. The names in the photo notes are from the CD catalogue.

These are two of my favorite minis from Crooked Dice.  The first time I saw the Tomorrow Person (l) in his late 70s/early 80s outfit he immediately reminded me of the classic horror movie 'Scanners' (1981), in particular the early scene when the evil scanner Revok (played by Michael Ironside) makes a weaker scanner's head explode during a demonstration.  Click Scanners Head Explosion for a video clip and watch the whole movie later.  If you haven't seen it you should.  If you've seen it before, watch it again.  You know you want to!  The prototypical Action Hero (r) is seen in a myriad of 70s-80s action movies.  The only question is whether he will defeat evil with his fist or his gun?

Darius, the Man from 2000 can come with an optional resin base surrounded by floating timepieces.  I got just the miniature, mainly because I did not want to paint all the clock faces..  At first I was not sure how to attach it to a base, since he is 'floating' with little surface to attach and the brass rod I normally use for pinning was too thick..  After getting some suggestions from fellow gamers, I used a pin vise to drill into the base of one foot and also into a slottabase, then cut a sewing pin to the right length and superglued it all together.  I left his eyes blank because I thought he looked creepier that way.  Is he a fraud or are his powers real?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

The Crow King (l) is from CD's range of rural horror miniatures.  Think 'The Wicker Man', which I watched again recently and thoroughly enjoyed.  I went through several methods for his all-black outfit, starting with contrast Black Templar.  I didn't like the look it gave over such a large area, so next I applied a coat of black ink.  Last was a drybrush of Army Painter Necromancer Cloak (except for the crow).  The Cultist Dog Handler (r), sans dog in this photo, will go nicely with my collection of attack dogs.  

Crime Boss Tony 'King Tut' Tuttle (l) and Detective (r).  I already have a group of criminals and every crime syndicate needs a boss.  Of course, he is in a suit and doesn't get his hands dirty; that is what his lackeys are for.

Two more police officers on the lookout for lawbreakers  I painted the one with the pistol a long time ago and think I posted him then, but pulled him out of storage to go with the other police.

The obligatory group shot.  Say fromage!

20 November, 2020

Marauders & Wanderers


Most of my time in September and October was spent painting an Early Saxon army for Saga.  I did sneak in a batch of post-apocalypse minis to take a short break from the Saxons.

The Marauders are from Battle Valor Games at http://www.battlevalorgames.com/index.aspx

They make 15mm Fantasy and 28mm Sci-fi, Pulp & Fantasy.  Most or all of the 28mm were originally made by Sgt Major Miniatures which went out of business in the mid 2010s.  I had seen their ranges at US conventions but hadn't bought any, though my friend Mike had some.  In June 2020 I found out from Mike that Battle Valor were bringing these ranges back and I ordered a few packs during their introductory sale.  I received them shortly thereafter.

The Battle Valor minis are well-sculpted with minimal flash.  On the chunky side of 28mm, with lots of gear; just how I picture they would look wandering through the wasteland.  I enjoyed painting them.  I have another pack of Waste Marauders with more significant mutations, along with some apes that I will get to someday.  They have some interesting packs including cultists and various armed religious groups.

As I was writing this post I received an email from Battle Valor about their Christmas Sale: 30% off through 16 December.

When I was prepping the marauders, I also got out 4 miniatures from the 2019 Aftermath kickstarter.  They are now on sale at https://puttymonkey.com/shop/ols/all  I never played the Aftermath RPG back in the 1980s, my group preferred Gamma World.  They have clean lines, no flash and good details.  They also make another human survivor (that I didn't get) and giant mutated rats (waiting in the lead pile).

When painting this batch, I tested out my GW contrast paints on non-zombies for the first time.  I also used my normal paints.  I wanted to try a different method for flesh using a contrast wash followed by my usual skintone.  It was faster and I have been using it since.  Overall I am happy with how they turned out and look forward to using them in a game.

Waste Boss in the middle flanked by Waste Marauders (Battle Valor).  The Waste Boss looks like he stepped  out of a Mad Max film.


Three more Waste Marauders (Battle Valor)

The Preacher on the left (Putty Monkey) and Bounty Hunter on the right (Battle Valor).  I really like The Preacher, he has an Old West vibe and his facial features remind me of Yul Brynner in the Magnificent Seven.

Female Survivor, Gauntlet Girl & Male Survivor (Putty Monkey).  The Male Survivor came with a separate visor to fit on the helmet but I left it off.  Gauntlet Girl looks innocent until you see the knife behind her back.  Always be prepared in the wasteland!

All together

19 November, 2020

Quick 28mm Zombies

 After painting my first batch of zombies in June it didn't take me long to get out the rest of my plastic Warlord (ex-Wargames Factory) zombie sprues.  I had one sprue each of the the male and female zombies, minus the 6 I already painted.  I also found 5 sprues of plastic Studio Miniatures zombies (4 per sprue) I had gotten as a bonus from their Turf War Z Kickstarter in 2018.

After some quick assembly I had 16 zombies ready to be painted.  I again used a mix of GW contrast paints and my normal paints as I thought these would be a good batch for a second experiment with the contrast paints as I wouldn't be disappointed if something went wrong.

I started on a Saturday morning and about 7 hours later (with plenty of time doing other things i between painting sessions) I was done; significantly faster than my normal painting speed.  The detail on these miniatures is fairly shallow for the most part but they accomplish their purpose of serving as cannon fodder against survivors of the zombie apocalypse.  I do still have a few of the Studio Miniatures sprues left to build but I think I am done with zombies for the foreseeable future.

My favorite of this batch reminds me of the Tall Man from the Phantasm movies (though he is missing his jacket) so I painted him accordingly.

The whole batch.  The Studio ones are on the left side and are less animated.

01 October, 2020

For Sale: 15mm & 28mm Ancients/Dark Ages/Medieval

I have the following unpainted 15mm & 28mm armies and lots for sale.  Postage at cost.  Contact me at miros AT sc DOT rr DOT com.

SOLD 1. Irish Warband from Footsore Miniatures.  26 miniatures/4 points for Saga: Warlord & Bannerman, 2 units of 4 Fianna (hearthguards), 2 units of 8 warriors.  $35  

SOLD 2. 3 packs of Picts/Scots Cavalry from Footsore Miniatures, 4 per pack, $10 each:
1x Picts/Scots Noble Cavalry
1x Picts/Scots Cavalry #1
1x Picts/Scots Cavalry #2

I do not know if the armies are all valid for DBA3, I collected them back in the 2.x days.  The Pass of the North minis are long out of production.

SOLD 1. Mongol Conquest (Pass of the North): 9 cavalry, 18 light horse, 2 archers   $40

2. Late Imperial Roman/Patrician (Pass of the North): 12 cataphracts   $15
SOLD 3. Early Imperial Romans (Corvus Belli): 6 foot command, 16 legionaries, 16 auxiliaries, 8 western archers, 3 cavalry command, 7 cavalry, 4 equites contiatorum, cheiroballista in cart, 5 baggage $50

SOLD 4. Picts (Splintered Light): 4 chariots (chieftain +3), 8 horse (chieftain, 3 cav, 4 lh), 66 foot (2 bw, 2 xbw, 57 mixed, 6 foot command from Outpost) $50.

5. Han Chinese (Essex): 1x HCH2a Mounted General and two bodyguards (3), 1x HCH4 Heavy cavalry with lance (4), 1x HCH6 Heavy cavalry, daggeraxe (4), 1x HCH7 Horse archers (4), 1x HCH9 Foot halbardiers (8), 1x HCH10 Spearmen (8), 2x HCH 11 Crossbowmen (16), 1x HCH14 Command Pack: Officers and Standard Bearers (6), 1x HCH 15 Wheelbarrowmen (3,baggage). Also 1x Viking Forge General in 4 horse chariot with driver, archer and halberdier. $40

SOLD 6. Early Franks/Germans (Baeuda): 48 infantry consisting of 1x DTS3 Germanic Foot Command (8), 3x DTS4 Early Frankish Warriors (24), 1x DTS5 Early Alamannic Warriors (8), 1x DTS7 Unshielded Adolescent Skirmishers with javelins (8)   $20

7.  Galatians (Thistle & Rose): 52 mixed infantry $20

06 July, 2020

28mm Zombies and Contrast Paint Test

I am a long-time zombie movie fan, ever since I saw Night of the Living Dead, the sequels and Return of the Living Dead on cable tv in my youth.  However I only have two painted zombies which doesn't seem right for post-apoc games.

In late April ago I ordered some gaming supplies from Recreational Conflict to take advantage of their free shipping offer.  While browsing their website I came across the zombies in their Lead Bones range.  I had bought a pack of their clerks in the past and was happy with them.  Two of the zombie packs really caught my eye and I added them to my order.  After a quick delivery I cleaned, based and primed them.  The Lead Bones zombies have a lot of character without having too many small details to paint; things such as partially-exposed skulls, bite marks, etc.  To this group I added 6 plastic zombies from Warlord (originally Wargames Factory).  I bought several sprues for $1 each during one of their sales a few years ago, had put a few together in early 2019, and neglected them since.

Part of my motivation to paint this batch was to try out the jars of Games Workshop contrast paint I had bought in February 2020.  I wanted to try them out on figures that I didn't need for a particular project in case the results weren't good.  I watched several videos to get some tips on how to use them.

I think that my experiment was a success.  I used contrast paints for all the skin, most of the hair, shoes and belts and some of the clothing and thought they shaded well.  There seems to be a little more definition than using a normal wash.  For exposed bone I found the Skeleton Horde contrast to be too dark on the raised areas so I highlighted with Army Painter Skeleton Bone.  I didn't have any problems using both contrast and normal paints on the same models.  Doing a large group allowed things to dry quickly to minimize wait time.  Best of all, I finished all 14 miniatures in 24 hours, starting them Saturday morning and finishing Sunday morning.  I'm not sure about the total time spent painting, but it was low.  They are not my best work, but I don't need that for zombies and I would be happy to use them in a game.

Lead Bones pack 1 (l-r):
Civilian: contrast paints except for the pants.
Priest impaled with cross.  The cross came as a separate piece I superglued in, you could substitute something else easily.  All contrast except the collar and cross.  Reminds me of the priest from the movie Dead Alive.
Police officer: I used normal paints on the uniform to test out a possible color scheme for the unpainted police miniatures I have.
Biker: contrast on skin, belt, shoes and hair.  I want to add a decal on the back of his jacket, but I couldn't find the leftover decals from my biker gang I painted in 2019.  I'll keep looking.

 Lead Bones pack 2 (l-r):
Surfer: I love this miniature.  Contrast except for the hair, intestines and surfboard.  There is a nice bite pattern in the surfboard, which comes as a separate piece.  The question I have is was he bitten by a shark after becoming a zombie or was he bitten by a zombie shark?
Nun: contrast except for the white and the rosary beads
Altar Boy: contrast except for the white
Punk: contrast except for the leather jacket and mohawk.  This mini reminded me of the first victim in the movie Return of the Living Dead.
The priest, nun and altar boy will go well with the church model I have.

Warlord zombies: contrast paints except for (l) jeans, red shoes, (c)dress and apron and (r) gun, shirt and tie

More Warlord Zombies: hospital worker, visitor and patient.  Contrast except for anything white, brains and the visitor's pants.

A bonus terrain piece.  While I was painting these minis, I dropped a brush which fell down the back of the armoire I use as a painting station.  It landed on one of the bottom shelves and when I was moving things around to get it out, I found this set of resin barrels.  I have no memory of ever buying it so it was a nice surprise.  The resin seemed different from Acheson which is who I get most of my resin terrain from, so an unknown manufacturer.

The full zombie horde.  Run!

02 June, 2020

28mm Post-Apocalypse

Back with more 28mm post-apocalypse miniatures from my collection.  I had to skip my intended post for this week due to some picture issues, luckily I had already taken these earlier in May.  All of these were painted in early 2019 for my games using the rules sets 7TV: Apocalypse and Across the Dead Earth.

(l) A friendly neighborhood doctor from Brigade Games.  Based on his expression and what he is holding in his right hand the nickname "Sawbones" seems more than appropriate.  An apple a day might be a better option than his treatment.
(r) One of my favorite miniatures, from Hasslefree.  This ski-mask-wearing, axe- and machete-wielding terror is perfect for leading a crazed band of wasteland marauders.  The model comes with two heads, but the other one doesn't have a mask so why would you use it?

(l) Robot gunslinger from Crooked Dice.  In my games I have used him as a creation of the Engineers Guild who work to preserve the knowledge of the old days.  The Engineers are lightly-armed so this gives them some muscle.
(r) Elvis from Studio Miniatures.  Is he the real thing or an imposter?  I have used him in several scenarios as the leader of the Cult of the King, with numerous hooded minions obeying his every command.  For my oil rig game at Historicon 2019 I painted a white and red boat named Hound Dog to ferry his troops.  This post wouldn't be complete without a link to Mojo Nixon's song Elvis is Everywhere: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_3eQBMycfA

This father-son duo definitely have a Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome vibe; from Crooked Dice.

Two more Mad Max inspired models from Crooked Dice; (l) Road Warrior marauder and (r) Fury Road's Imperator Furiosa.  I couldn't get her face to look right with the black facepaint from the movie so I gave up but it still doesn't look right to me.  I may try to repaint it black again someday.

(l) Hacker with a small body but a giant brain and (r) scout with sniper rifle from Crooked Dice.

(l) Town marshal keeping law and order and (r) a heavy gunner in case of trouble; from Crooked Dice.

Gas Mask Girl from Worlds End, who make the This Is Not A Test P-A rules and an associated range of miniatures.  The arms and weapons bag come separately and include another right arm holding an assault rifle.

The obligatory group shot.

13 May, 2020

28mm Hazmat Team

Back in early 2019, I painted a group of nine Hazmat troopers for my post-apocalypse games.  Eight of them are from Hasslefree, sold in two sets of four as Hazmat Teams Alpha and Beta.  The ninth is a character miniature from Crooked Dice which is a bit taller but since it is the leader I don't mind.

When I was thinking about how to paint these I knew I wanted the suits to be yellow.  Yellow is not a color I enjoy highlighting, so I decided to use the Army Painter method of a colored primer.  This was the first, and so far only, time I have used that method.  I wanted to try it out on a uniformed group without too many details that I would have to repaint in different colors.  Also, I happened to have another use for the yellow primer as part of my oil rig project.  So I gave it a try.  After spraying the Demonic Yellow primer, I touched up the spots where the spray did not reach with a bottle of the same color.  After painting the minimal details (weapons, air tanks, visors, etc.) I gave them a quick wash of dark brown and sealed them with Testors Dullcote.  I think they turned out fine for my purposes.  It was a quick way to paint miniatures that are predominantly one color but not a method I would use often.

The one in the middle is from Crooked Dice.  Unlike the other troopers, his suit contains his deadly powers inside, as evidenced by his glowing hand.  I have had this miniature for years and finally painted it as part of this group.

They are ready to purify the unclean.  Beware zombies!