31 August, 2017

28mm Heroes

Reinforcements for the good guys!  I painted these for use in my Doctor Who and 7TV games.

Two heroes from Crooked Dice.  They make a number of heroic archetypes for use in their 7TV game.  Pandora King is on the left, ready for fisticuffs.  CD make 2 versions of her, this the classic version and my favorite; there is another version with a pistol and different features.  I believed she is modeled after Mrs. Peel from 'The Avengers'.  A veteran police detective is on the right, ready to restore law and order with his trusty revolver.  I just received 16 policemen from Crooked Dice this week so backup is en route.  I painted these in early 2017.

Seen here are 2 new additions to my UNIT (United Nations Intelligence Taskforce) faction.  They are based in my new city style, and I have converted the older ones to match.  They are a corporal (left) and sniper (right). Both are by Crooked Dice, who make a variety of 70s/Falklands-era British Army models. They mix well with the Black Tree miniatures that make up the bulk of my UNIT troops; I also have some MoFo Falklands range mortars and crew.  I painted these in early 2017.

This is a Reaper Bones miniature I bought from the Reaper stand at Historicon 2016.  Although my daughter has painted a number of Bones models, this was the first one I painted myself.  It is on the tall side compared to Heresy/Crooked Dice/Black Tree, but I like it.  It fits in perfectly with the 1960s/1970s 7TV setting.  I painted in it late 2016.

Thanks for looking!

14 August, 2017

28mm Firefly Crew, Rogue Agents and Vehicle

Some more additions to my 28mm collection I use for Doctor Who and 7TV games.

Three of the ‘inspired by Firefly’ minis by Heresy.  From left to right: Mal, Book and Kaylee.  These were fun to paint and of course it was a great show.  I may get the rest of the crew from Heresy the next time I order something from them.

These are a pack of 3 ‘Rogue Agents’, from Copplestone's Kiss Kiss Bang Bang range.  They can fill a lot of roles; I especially like using the one on the right as a Double Agent in 7TV games.  His eyepatch gives his dastardly intentions away!

A vehicle by Crooked Dice.  It is also available with an astronaut driver.  I actually bought this already painted from someone online.  I rarely buy painted miniatures, preferring to paint my own.  However, it was high quality, a good price and looked like it would match my existing security guards.  All I did was to give it 2 quick coats of Testor's Dullcote.

With one of my Artizan Wolverine Security guards for scale.

05 August, 2017

Cybermen Reinforcements

Since I posted my Cybermen way back in 2010, I have made a few additions.  I have also redone the basing on all the old models to a concrete style, instead of the earth & grass style I originally used.

These are 3 Cybermen from Crooked Dice, listed as 'Robo-minions' on their website.  They are great models and come with separate heads and some separate arms.  They are useful as newly-converted Cybermen in DW games, or as the experiments of a mad scientist in 7TV.  The one on the left reminds me of the Borg from Star Trek.  Crooked Dice sell the heads and arms separately, and I bought some that I intend to use to convert a few extra models into more Robo-minions.  I painted these several years ago, maybe 2013?  FYI, Phalanx Consortium now carries Crooked Dice products in the US.  I visited their stand at Historicon recently.  http://www.thephalanxconsortium.com/

5 Cybermats from Crooked Dice.  These are sadly no longer available.  They are based on 20mm round bases and were painted in 2016.  The first time I remember seeing these these was in 1975's 'Revenge of the Cybermen'.  That would make for a fun scenario.  I do have some unpainted Vogons in storage.  Perhaps a future project?

Thanks for looking!

04 August, 2017

28mm Civilians

Over the years I have painted a lot of civilians for my Doctor Who and 7TV games.  They come in handy as objectives, obstacles or just a nice addition to the scenery.

From Lead Bones (l-r): skater, waitress and 4 clerks.  I purchased these from Recreational Conflict.  The skater has a knack for appearing in the oddest places during games.

The first 2 on the left (waitress and cook) are from Ainsty; the other 3 are from Killer B's 'Geezer' range.  Also purchased from Recreational Conflict.

This intrepid BBC reporter and cameraman can often be found in harm’s way.  I bought these secondhand and loose; I later learned they are part of a Copplestone Future Wars pack along with 3 other models.

4 Pulp miniatures.  I do not know the manufacturer.  I bought them at a Cold Wars convention ages ago, from a gentleman in the flea market selling lots of loose Pulp miniatures.  The one on the left still has my old style of earth & grass basing since he looks like a gamekeeper or poacher.  The second one from the left reminds of me of the old officer from the 1939 version of ‘The Four Feathers’ who keeps retelling a tale of his exploits in the Crimean War; “On the right, the British infantry.  The thin red line”.

I took a lot of pictures at the same time so there are more posts on the way.  Thanks for reading!