14 August, 2017

28mm Firefly Crew, Rogue Agents and Vehicle

Some more additions to my 28mm collection I use for Doctor Who and 7TV games.

Three of the ‘inspired by Firefly’ minis by Heresy.  From left to right: Mal, Book and Kaylee.  These were fun to paint and of course it was a great show.  I may get the rest of the crew from Heresy the next time I order something from them.

These are a pack of 3 ‘Rogue Agents’, from Copplestone's Kiss Kiss Bang Bang range.  They can fill a lot of roles; I especially like using the one on the right as a Double Agent in 7TV games.  His eyepatch gives his dastardly intentions away!

A vehicle by Crooked Dice.  It is also available with an astronaut driver.  I actually bought this already painted from someone online.  I rarely buy painted miniatures, preferring to paint my own.  However, it was high quality, a good price and looked like it would match my existing security guards.  All I did was to give it 2 quick coats of Testor's Dullcote.

With one of my Artizan Wolverine Security guards for scale.

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  1. Great job on your Firefly figures and Agents. Copplestone and Artizan KKBB have some of my favourite figures in there. Love the buggy Ainsty still do them with various load outs I'd not seen one with the bars before it looks fab and matches well with your existing guard