13 September, 2018

September 2018 Purchases

I have tried to finish this post several times over the last week, and each time another package arrived that I wanted to include.  I now have plenty of things to work on this weekend while hurricane Florence passes through.  Thankfully I am far enough inland that it will be weaker when it passes by, so just lots of wind and rain.  No spray priming!

The first package to arrive last Saturday was a set of 2 zodiac boats by Sea Dog Game Studios at http://sailpowergame.com/.  They are located in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio and have a variety of 3D printed products.  My friend Mike picked them up from Sea Dog and mailed them to me.  The detail is pretty good and there aren't any obvious printing lines.  They boats are carrying various post-apocalypse miniatures from my collection to show the scale.  They should hold plenty of crew.

Also on Saturday I stopped by the local post office to pick up a package from Brother Vinni in Bratislava, Slovakia.  This is the second time I've ordered from them and it took 12 days from ordering to arrival in the US and only 4 days from the shipping notification.  Pretty good service.  This time I got 2 Viking shieldmaidens (top row) to add to the 4 I already have so that I can make a Shieldmaiden unit for SAGA.  The other 4 are already painted so I plan on finishing these quickly.  If only I had a local opponent!  I am a bit nervous about attaching the top part of the flag, it is separate from the arm holding the lower part of the flagstaff.  The miniature on the bottom row will be used for a post-apoc survivor and is armed with a pistol in one hand and a rifle on her back.  Like all Brother Vinni's products I have bought, these are made of resin and have great detail with few-to-no mold lines.

On Monday my order from Brigade Games' Labor Day sale arrived.  It contained 9 miniatures from their post-apoc range.  I've bought some of the others in this range at conventions and they are on my painting table now.  A good variety of weapons and equipment and minimal cleanup required.

On Wednesday the last outstanding order I had arrived from Warlord, courtesy of their recent sale.  Two sprues of modern military (4 minis each) for post-apoc and 7TV use, five 2017-18 issues of Wargames Illustrated and the Terminator boxed game.  I don't plan on playing the game, but the Terminator miniatures will come in handy for use in 7TV games as robots or aliens.  It was hard to pass up for $16.