26 October, 2013

Terrain in Process

After getting bad cuts on 2 of the fingers on my painting hand (don't get in a fight with a meatslicer, you will lose), I have been working on terrain recently.  I need to build up my stock of 28mm urban terrain for a couple of Doctor Who scenarios I want to run in January.

First are 2 near-identical pieces of ruins I bought at a convention flea market sometime in the last 2 years.  They were already based and painted, though only a light grey with no shading.  I gave them a thin coat of black paint, then drybrushed successive coats of Ceramcoat charcoal gray and hippo gray.  I glued ballast to a few thin spots and added more static grass then sealed them with matte varnish.  They will be useful terrain for anything from Dark Ages to modern.  You can glimpse a primed checkpoint barrier from Ainsty in the background.

Next some items in process. From left to right, a large box from Ainsty, an antenna tower from Demo's Laser Cut Designs and 4 28mm Daleks from Black Tree Designs.  All were sprayed black, though the can turned out to be semi-gloss.  A quick brushed-on coat of black paint took care of that.  The Daleks will feature in one of the Doctor Who scenarios and be painted as the Cult of Skaro (gold and bronze paint scheme).  The antenna tower is made of laser-cut wood pieces.  It glued together very easily with Aleene's tacky glue and was a test before I built the items in the last picture.

Last are 4 stores, also from Demo's: http://demoslaser-cutdesigns.weebly.com/
I bought them with the antenna at the 2012 Little Wars convention in Chicago.  It took 2 1/2 hours to put together all 4.  The parts fit together very well and I am pleased with the result.  If you want a piece-by-piece look, check out Captain Apathy's excellent overview:

I still have to glue them to their bases.  They come with store signs, but I am waiting to put those on until after I have painted them.  I bought a can of flat black spray so I will proceed with priming and painting soon.

Thanks for looking!


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