08 April, 2018

28mm Vikings - Ragnar Lothbrok & Shieldmaidens

I bought a variety of miniatures from Brother Vinni (located in Bratislava, Slovakia) back in late 2016.  Their website is at:http://www.brother-vinni.com

While most of them were for my post-apoc project, I also got 5 Vikings, which I painted in late
 2017.  Four of them came as a set of shieldmaidens.  I already have a Viking army for Saga and thought they would add some variety.  Now that the 2nd edition of Saga is out, there is a special shieldmaiden mercenary unit that you can include your army.  Of course the unit requires 6 female miniatures, so I will need to get 2 more from Brother Vinni or Bad Squiddo.

All of the BV models are made of resin.  These are the first resin models I've painted outside of vehicles, buildings or large creatures.  The sculpting quality is excellent and the separate arms attached easily.  I did pin them for a stronger bond.  The only drawback I experienced was with the weapons.  One sword blade snapped at the hilt when I was gluing the arm on.  It superglued back on easily and I can't tell that it was ever broken.  A second sword blade started to bend during painting and I am hesitant to try and fix it for fear of breaking it.

If you are a fan of the Vikings tv show, you may recognize Ragnar Lothbrok.

The one on the left had to have the sword blade reattached.

The one on the left has the bent sword blade.


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  1. Looks good, Jason! I didn’t realize resin minis were becoming common