25 April, 2009


This is my first blog post. I hope to use this blog to share pictures of my wargaming armies. I have many painted armies already so there will be a mixture of new projects and old armies which have never been photographed before. The bulk of my collection is ancient or medieval, though there is some fantasy, 19th Century and 20th Century as well. My miniatures are primarily 15mm. I do have an ongoing 28mm project for a Doctor Who game, but I will save that for a future post.
First off are my Palmyrans. The ruins of the city of Palmyra are in the Syrian desert. During Roman times it was a powerful city that made a failed bid for empire in the Middle East under Queen Zenobia in the 3rd century AD. Below is a group shot of my Palmyran DBA army, II/74b: 1x4Kn Gen, 3x4Kn, 2x2Lh, 4x4Bw, 2x3Bw or 2Ps. I belive they were painted in 2006. The 15mm figures are all Old Glory, purchased from Rudy Scott Nelson at Time Portal Hobbies, except for the camp, which is a Donnington Zenobia with an Essex tent and palm tree.
Below are the 4 cataphract elements (4x4Kn), the backbone of the army. Each element has a uniform color used on the horse barding and helmet tails. The general is the front right element.
Here is a closeup of the general. The standardbearer is carrying a red draco.
Next are the Palmyran light horse (2x2Lh).
The foot part of the army consists entirely of archers. The 4x4Bw elements are regular Palmyran city bowmen. The maroon and turquoise uniforms are inspired by frescoes showing Palmyran troops.
Next are the irregular archers, either 2x3Bw or 2x2Ps. I used a bit of maroon or turquoise on these but they are mostly in white.
Last but not least is the camp. It features the famous Queen Zenobia on a camel, along with a tent and palm tree. Her fate was to be paraded through the streets of Rome in chains after being defeated by the Emperor Aurelian.

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