06 March, 2011

Ancient Spanish

This post covers my 15mm Ancient Spanish army (List II/39a/b/c 240-20BC in DBA).  I painted it in several tranches over a number of years.  The first 4 stands of scutarii were painted as part of a triple-size (aka Big Battle) DBA Later Carthaginian army in the early 2000s.  Then in Summer 2008 or early 2009, I started painting 24 more scutarii.  My idea was to add the Spanish to my Punic Wars collection, consisting of the already mentioned Carthaginians, a triple-size Gallic army, and a Polybian Roman army http://mirosgames.blogspot.com/2009/07/polybian-romans.html

and to be able to field 2 of the 3 Spanish sublists at once to use as allies of Carthage and/or Rome.  I painted most of the base colors, lost interest in the project, and stored them in a box.  Fast forward to Christmas 2010.  Over the break I decided to try and complete some unfinished projects, starting with the Spanish.  I quickly completed the scutarii, and then moved on to 6 stands of caetrati and 4 stands of cavalry.  The last figures were completed on January 17, 2011 and they were based and flocked over the last week.  The caetrati and cavalry are all Essex figures.  The scutarii are a mix of Essex, Freikorps, Corvus Belli and Chariot.  The original 4 stands of scutarii have been pulled off of their old bases and mixed in with the newer figures.  I have some Baelaric slingers as well, but they will appear in a future post covering my Carthaginian army.

Not the fanciest army, but I am glad that they are finally done!

Click on the pictures for close-ups.

The first group of 6 scutarii:

The second group of 6 scutarii:

Six stands of caetrati skirmishers:

Two stands of light cavalry:
 The figure in the front right has one of my favorite shields.

Two generals:

The entire army assembled (22 elements):

Thanks for looking!


  1. Colorful and good looking. Knock 'em dead at Cold Wars.

  2. Excellent looking army...go out and conquer!!

  3. Very nice and colorful. I always do well with Ancient Spanish against the Polybian Romans, now that I have learned how to use them.

  4. Love what you've done with the shields there!

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