05 February, 2018

28mm Criminals

With the first warm sunny day in a while I seized the opportunity to take some pictures.  The first group were a set of 28mm criminals in balaclavas.  These are six masked men intent on mayhem, or just a bit of petty larceny.  They are made by Crooked Dice, the source of many of my miniatures.  They are useful for many scenarios in a modern setting and were very quick to paint with just enough detail.  I painted these in 2017 and they first saw action in a game I ran at Historicon last summer.

The leader armed with a pistol.  The bag full of cash (or, for Die Hard fans, bearer bonds) is a nice touch.


A dog handler and four guard dogs.  The dogs are available separately or with a handler and are nice models.  I  have a minion dog handler that will be in my next post.  CD also make army and cultist versions.  I  have several larger dogs from Iron Wind/Ral Partha that are unpainted.

The whole gang returning to their base after a successful heist.

Thanks for looking!