20 July, 2018

Historicon 2018 - Games I Ran

This year at Historicon I signed up to run a game using the 7TV spy-fi rules by Crooked Dice.  I ran the same scenario twice, once on Friday night and once Saturday morning.  Both games were full with 6 players each time.  I think it went well and may roll this scenario out again someday.   

The event description was:

Dial X for Missile
SHIVA (Secret Headquarters of International Villainous Agents) is building a secret weapon as part of their evil plan to rule the world. British intelligence agency Department X has located SHIVA's base. Can they destroy the weapon before it is activated? 60s style spy-fi action using the 7TV rules. 

The scenario featured the heroes of Department X attacking the villains of SHIVA at 3 different points on an island in the Outer Hebrides off the coast of Scotland.

(1) A freighter carrying the final pieces needed to complete the missile.
(2) The missile silo.
(3) The underground base that housed the computers needed to launch the missile.

Each area was set up as a separate 2-player battle.  I did  because some of the features of 7TV, such as the countdown deck, which are random events that occur each turn, work better with fewer players.  It also speeds up the game, so each pair of players could play at their own speed.  The scenario was set to allow up to 9 turns for each player.

I neglected to take any pictures of the first session but my friend Mike who was playing took a few and they are included at the end.

The board ready for players:
The freighter

The missile silo is to the left of the ruined church

The secret base

Initial setups on turn 1.

The game is underway.

X-Commandos advance towards the freighter.
The ship's crew is advancing along the beach.

Good guys (in the foreground) are taking fire as they advance towards the ruined church.

The X-Commandos are assaulting the room at bottom left.  Meanwhile, one commando in the top right has been hypnotized (indicated by a blue marker) and has joined the villains.  A black panther is on the prowl in the center. 

Dept X is taking heavy losses.

Heroic reinforcements arrive in a Land Rover at bottom.

The missile silo is open.

The Land Rover and has been destroyed in an explosion (event from a countdown card).

Pandora King, leader of the Dept X team attacking the missile silo, is down.  She took out the mad scientist Doctor Mao before succumbing to her wounds.

It was just a flesh wound!  Pandora King returns to the fight (countdown card event).

Evil mercenary Ernst Kohner leads a counterattack accompanied by 3 minions and an attack dog.

The freighter was also carrying a giant gorilla, which has been set loose and is charging the X-Commandos near the beach.

The Dept X munitions expert set a charge earlier in the game and has detonated it, killing the black panther and wrecking the forklift.

End of game.  The freighter is still in the hands of SHIVA but the agent carrying the final components is dead.

Kohner is the last survivor around the silo.  Pandora King has fallen again after a valiant effort.

60% of the launch computers have been destroyed.

Some closeups from the first game: