23 November, 2018

New Project - 28mm Motorcycle Gang

It is time to pick a new project, since I am finishing the last few models from 2 batches of spy and post-apocalypse miniatures.  Spurred on by my planned scenario for next year’s convention game, as well as the recent Kickstarter for the post-apocalypse version of 7TV, I chose the motorcycle gang I’ve been gathering.

I can use them in both modern and post-apoc games so that is a bonus.  After some assembling earlier in the week I primed them after Thanksgiving lunch.  They should paint quickly, with plenty of jeans and black leather.  The only choice I have to make is what name and logo to put on the back of their  vests, it needs to be something I can paint in a small area.

The first 2 groups of 4 are from Studio Miniatures.  They were made for the Kickstarter game Turf War Z but are now available through their website.  They bear a distinct resemblance to characters from the Sons of Anarchy tv show.  Except for the 2 in the middle of the first picture, they came with separate heads and arms, with several extras of each.  They fit together well and I pinned them for a stronger join.  Now that they are primed, I see a few gaps that need to be filled with green stuff.

These are from Warlord Games Project Z line.  I bought them during one of their 50% off sprue sales.  They come with lots of extra parts. They are a bit taller and thinner than the Studio ones, but close enough for me to mix them.

Also from Warlord, the ones on each side come on the same sprue as the foot miniatures, while the middle one is on a separate Hero sprue.  I primed them in black to get coverage in all the nooks and crannies, especially underneath the bikes.

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  1. I can't wait to see your motorcycles painted up, Jason! Cool looking figs...