24 January, 2019

28mm Spy-Fi

This week I have a selection of miniatures I painted in 2018 to use in my 7TV games.  If you're not familiar with 7TV, it is a fun system that is usable for just about any spy, action or sci-fi setting from movies & tv.  Think James Bond style spies, Doctor Who and everything in between.  Manufacturers included in this post are Beast in the Broch, Black Cat, Black Tree, Crooked Dice, Hasslefree and Reaper.

Ape-X from Reaper's Bones line.  A great model and very fun to paint.


Three Doctor Who characters: (l-r) The renegade Time Lord Omega from Black Tree Design, the twelfth Doctor and the eighth Doctor, both from Crooked Dice though sadly no longer available.

Two miniatures from Crooked Dice to go with their Department X line: (l-r) General Gordon and Big Tam Frazier.  Big Tam is based on the character Sean Connery played in the movie The Hill, which I watched for the first time when I was painting this miniature last year.

2018 was the year for painting apes.  Just in from Skull Island is a Giant Ape in resin from Crooked Dice. The right arm and front of the head were separate pieces that attached easily.

If you are wondering about the relative sizes, here is a group shot with the Giant Ape, Ape-X, Warlord's Zombie Beast (from my previous post Apocalypse Survivors II) and a regular human from Brigade Games.

A Double Agent from Crooked Dice.  Whose side is she really on?

From Black Cat Bases, on the left  is HP Lovecraft and his cat.  Black Cat sell several versions, each with a different selection of right hands.  I chose an ancient tome of forbidden knowledge.  On the right is a priest with crucifix and pistol.  He reminds me of the Episcopal priest from the early Peter Jackson movie Dead Alive, who before unleashing his martial arts skills on a group of zombies says (in a cool New Zealand accent) "I kick ass for the Lord!"  Watch the clip now and the rest of the movie later:


The Guru from Crooked Dice is leader of the secret organization SHIVA (Secret Headquarters of International Villainous Agents).  He is accompanied by his three pet black panthers, made by Black Cat.

On the left is Horace 'Action' Jackson from Reaper's Bones line.  I've posted him before, though he is now pictured with his new colleague Destiny from Hasslefree.  I need to go watch Shaft (original 70s version only) for some scenario ideas for them.

On the left a police detective from Crooked Dice; on the right martial artist Fist of Golgo from Hasslefree.

Two more villains: on the left a Federated Security Commander from Beast In the Broch Miniatures with an alternate Crooked Dice head and on the right an Inhuman Servitor from Crooked Dice.  What nefarious plot is this alien carrying out for his masters?

On the left is secret agent Winter Morgan from Hasslefree; on the right a sniper from Black Cat.

These are the last group from my New Year's photoshoot.  Check back soon for a convention report from Siege of Augusta.

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  1. What a bumper crop of miniatures they all look awesome. I like he black cat bases panthers will have to have a look as I need some myself and only have a single one from Northstar.