07 October, 2023

For Sale: 28mm Greek Cities Army for Saga


This is a painted 28mm Greek Cities army for Saga that I have for sale.  It has just been painted and  never used.  The miniatures are all Victrix.  There are no duplicates with the same body and head among the hoplites.  The shields have decals, and all. are sealed with two coats of matte varnish.

The army consists of 40 hoplites, 12 levy archers, and a warlord stand.  They are all on 25mm round bases except for the warlord, who is on a 40mm round base.  If you use all the hoplites as warriors it  makes 6 points for Saga; if you use some as hearthguard the point total will increase.  The 40 hoplites include 24 unarmored and 16 armored miniatures.  This allows you to use groups of armored hoplites as Saga hearthguard if you want, mixing the rest in with the unarmored hoplites.  Each linothorax is decorated a little differently and is visible in the the rear photos.

There are a total of 54 foot miniatures and I am asking $350.  I will have it with me at the Advance the Colors convention on October 13-14.

1st group of 8 hoplites

2nd group of 8 hoplites

3rd group of 8 hoplites

4th group of 8 hoplites

5th group of 8 hoplites

The warlord arranging his troops for battle.

The 12 levy archers have some heads from the slinger pack mixed in for variety.

The army assembled for battle.

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