24 July, 2009

Polybian Romans

This is one of my newest armies. I painted the entire army during a week in March while my family was out of town. I already have several of their historical opponents so they fill a hole in my collection.
Most of the figures are Old Glory. Two of the hastati stands and one of princeps are Essex, while the camp is by Baeuda. I have 3 more stands worth of unpainted OG triarii I will paint someday so that I can also use this as a Camillan Roman army.

The Roman consul and his cavalry escort (1x3Cv Gen & 1x3Cv):

The velites (2x2Ps):

The hastati (3x4Bd):

The princeps (3x4Bd):

The triarii (2x4Sp):

The camp consists of 2 pigs being set alight and aimed at the enemy. There is a story from Megara in Greece about flaming pigs being used to frighten enemy elephants, while the Romans used squealing pigs against Pyrhhus' elephants.

Last is a picture of the entire army:

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  1. Great DBA blog.

    I was in particular looking for ideas on Polybians when I came across your site as I look at reforming my own Polybian Romans. Look forward to further updates in due course.