27 December, 2009

Goliath's Horses

Wow, what a long time between posts. Well, I have been painting, I just am not the best photographer and I find it hard to find time to set up and take photos of an entire army at once.

Anyway, this post is an update on one of my current projects and also a figure review. I have had an Avar army since the days of WRG 7th edition, originally painted around 1991 or 2. It has always been one of my favorites. I have slowly updated it over the last few years and recently decided to add 2 new command stands. So I purchased a pack of Khurasan Miniatures Avar Command, which contains 2 generals and 2 standardbearers. The riders have nice poses but the sculpting is only average and not quite as detailed as the Essex Avars, and are roughly the same size. This isn't the clearest photo, but you can see the size comparison (l-r: Essex Khazar, KM standardbearer, KM general, Essex Avar):Before I go any further, I should note that each of KM's ranges are done by different sculptors (listed on the KM website). The other KM figures I own and have seen are very well done. However their Avar horses are on steroids! Essex horses are not exactly underfed, but the KM horses make them look like ponies (l-r: KM, Essex, KM, Essex):

The riders look way out of scale when mounted. My solution was to mount the KM riders on some spare Essex horses I had. They are currently being painted and when they are done the whole army will appear on the blog.

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