27 December, 2009

Pre-Feudal Scots

I painted this army in 2006 or 2007. All of the figures are 15mm from the Feudal Castings Scottish range, with the exception of the mounted general and his escort, which are from the Essex Dark Ages range. This was my first experience with FC figures and I found them very easy to paint.

There are 2 sub-lists to the DBA army list, with the only difference being the choice for the general's element, cavalry or warband in the earlier period vs. cavlary or knights in the later period.

Pre-Feudal Scots
III/45a (846-1051AD): 1x3Cvor 4Wb (Gen), 1x2Lh, 1x4Wb, 5x3Sp, 2x3Sp or 3Wb, 2x2Ps.
III/45b (1052-1124AD): 1x3Cv or 3Kn (Gen), 1x2Lh, 1x4Wb, 5x3Sp, 2x3Sp or 3Wb, 2x2 Ps.

As always, you can blow up the pictures by clicking on them.

General with nobles (1x3Cv or 3Kn), I used an early version of St Andrew's cross on the general's shield.:

General with Thegns (1x4Wb Gen and 1x4Wb). I used a LBM banner for the general's element, it had a Scottish look to me with the celtic-style cross:

Light Horse (1x2Lh):

Spearmen (4x3Sp):

More spearmen (3x3Sp):

Galwegians (2x3Wb):

Archers (2x2Ps):
Entire Army:


  1. Nice, although I like more variety in pose in the Thegns. I used Essec of various kinds for mine, pictures (not great quality) are up at: http://s614.photobucket.com/albums/tt226/dougmelville/?action=view&current=pfs4.jpg

  2. Very nice. Clean and simple paint jobs.

  3. I think you've done a great job the look brillant
    Cheers Kent

  4. Excellent work - you must be very pleased with how they have all turned out.

  5. What is the General doing? Trying to keep his helmet on during a jaunty trot, or tipping it to the troops? :^)

  6. I think he is donning it and preparing to charge.