15 May, 2012

2012 Project Update

Just a short update on the progress I've made on my project list.

I have stalled on the Doctor Who guards I mentioned in my previous post; the base colors are finished but the highlights need to be done.

I finished the 16 Romano-British spearman and am happy with how they turned out. I primed a couple of R-B archers and my next batch will include the other 16 spearman.

I've made most progress on the Hellenistic project. I painted 8 Thorakitai and 8 mixed Persian/asiatic light infantry in April. Currently on the painting table are 8 pikemen that I am painting as Egyptians that the Ptolomies raised for the Raphia campaign. I am using Gladiator 'poorly equipped phalangites' so they look different from the regular phalanx. I'm also repainting 3 old figures as Seleucid Persian agema. They are Museum figures and I had to replace their broken spears. As my 5-year-old daughter was watching while I did that, I gave her a quick lesson on why you don't want to get superglue on your fingers.

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