21 August, 2012

Finshing Old Projects & Starting a New One

I started out the year well but hit a slump in the late spring and into summer.  In July I picked up the brushes again, then I took a week to demolish our master bath.  Fortunately for everyone involved, a contractor is rebuilding it.  I've also relocated my painting area to an old entertainment center/cabinet as our hobby/guest room is being converted to a bedroom for our third child due in January.  As those projects wind down I hope to start posting more frequently.

I have been trying to finish off everything on my desk.  Tonight I spent 2.5 hours sealing 98x15mm and 12x28mm miniatures.  I use a brush-on coat of black or brown paint mixed with varnish to add shading, then do a final coat of clear varnish or spray after it has dried.  I tend to do this in larger batches, but this one was huge.  Below is a picture.

On the left side, there is a 15mm Axumite DBA army (Feudal Castings).  On the right side, the front group is assorted 15mm Hellenistics (l-r): Egyptian phalangites, thorakitai, and some Asiatic archers and slingers.  The mounted figures are 2 prodromoi.  Behind is most of a Sub-Roman British DBA army (Splintered Light); only the 9 heavy cavalry are missing.  I still to need to add the shield decals.

The 28mm figures on the green board are all for my Doctor Who project: 6 Ogrons in front and 6 human guards behind.  The group of figures in the rear just had some minor repairs done.

Still in progress are a dozen 15mm cavalry, then I will be concentrating on a new project: a 28mm Scots army for Saga.  I've started prepping a unit of 12 levies; I need to glue their javelins on and they will be ready for priming.  I'm looking forward to painting the Scots, it has been a long time since I started on a new rules set.


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  1. Thats a lot of figures being finished in a job lot. I would be going bonkers at that point